Dim Sum Hath No Fortune

But it sure is yummy! We enjoyed ourselves immensely. We are still Dim Sum rookies, but we get better at ordering each time we go. Among the women wheeling carts of steaming goodies around the dining room, was a very patient young waitress who spoke a fair amount of English. (Well, lets put it this way, her English had our grasp of any Chinese dialect beat 200%!) We still did our share of point and nod ordering, but we only ended up with one dish that neither of us could bear to finish off. The rest of the picks ranged from good to great.

I did kind of miss getting my fortune cookie fix, but I’m OK. Wait! I have an emergency box of fortune cookies in the pantry. Maybe I’ll go open one now.

Hang on . . .

“Nothing is impossible to a willing heart.”

Hmmmm . . . not bad. Hey fortune cookie god . . .I am willing!

OK, back to my post:

C. and I had a really, really nice day this past Sunday. Why is this so newsworthy? Well, it’s been a while since we had a day like that. We were in synch all day, chatting and laughing. The agenda started with a lazy sleep in and cuddle. Then we headed to Philadelphia’s Chinatown for Dim Sum. We ate until we reached the “just before bursting stage” . . . then went for a meandering walk and shop. We also visited the Body World’s exhibit at the Franklin Institute. That was utterly fascinating but I will save that for another post.

I really enjoyed feeling like a relatively carefree couple, if just for a day. We had lost some of that recently. Blame the infertility, blame the holiday rush . . . but it’s good to know we can still find our way back to each other pretty easily.

Tomorrow I start Lupron. I am not really nervous about that part. I will be fine right up until the retrieval when the panic will start to creep in and then I expect to reach the height of my frenzy about half way through the 2ww. I hope that knowing this in advance will help me find ways to survive it all with some amount of dignity!

I have a call in to my RE’s nurse because I have completely forgotten the details of my drug instructions. I was so overwhelmed at the teaching session that I did not write much in my “notes.” Luckily the staff is very good about calling back with answers.

Today, in honor of my upcoming hot flashes, I spent the morning in 1980’s flashback mode and got a “perm” . . . (though now they are called “texture waves.”) Right before the holidays I let my hairdresser (aka stylist) talk me into a high maintenance layered cut that requires careful (and tedious) blow-drying. Well, as I don’t have the knack for this sort of thing, nor the patience, nor the time, etc. I decided a “perm” was in order. I cannot imagine 25 minutes of intense blow-drying during a hot flash. So that is my rationale for spending the morning and the money to chemically alter my hair. Let me tell you I don’t smell pretty right now. But, it does look kind of cute. I ended up with a wavy shoulder length bob that will be wash and go. That is more my speed. Wash and go . . . throw on some mascara and chapstick and I am ready for anything.

Just call me the anti-glamour glamour girl!

And remember: Nothing is impossible to a willing heart!


One Response to “Dim Sum Hath No Fortune”

  1. Lindy Says:

    Glad to hear you had such a wonderful, normal day. It sounds fabulous!

    And best of luck with the lupron injection tomorrow!

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