It’s the Pitt’s, Baby!

Thank you AOL for keeping me abreast of all things important and newsworthy. Thank you especially for all the hyperfertile celebrity baby news! (Grrrrr. . . . ) I have never cared much about celebrity gossip but lately it seems like “they” are all flaunting their ability to reproduce with ease and abandon.

This morning I log on and what am I faced with right off that bat? The lovely Ms. Jolie is pregnant with Brad’s baby. Well good for her! I am sure that is very nice. I don’t feel quite as hostile towards this pair as I do to the utterly gross TomKat combo or the sleazy Brittney Spears (now there’s a model for motherhood!)

I wish them all well. Honest.

But why is this news I wonder? Now if I ever get pregnant that will be NEWS. Big news. But I will bet you the cost of one IVF cycle that you will not see a headline that says: Beagle is having puppies with Clifford the Big Red Dog. No . . . they will not splash our news all over the headlines.

That is just as well really. But in the meantime, why must we all read about the good fortune of all these Hollywood loonies?

Man . . . I need a cookie . . . anyone have a fortune cookie?

Oh! And for the record . . . if I have the good fortune to have a baby, I will not name her Cookie. Or Apple for that matter.

Ok, I’m done.

Oh, and also for the record . . . these newsflashes don’t have the power to ruin my good mood on the days (like today) that I have actually managed to have one. A good mood that it.


One Response to “It’s the Pitt’s, Baby!”

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