Name my IVF Team

There are a lot of reasons I like my RE. (Assuming that I have to have one at all that is.) One of them is that he and his wife have been there. I don’t know the details of their story, but I do know that they have IVF twins themselves. I also know that he deals with his patients like a man who gets it. Now I have no illusions that he doesn’t enjoy earning a living as well . . . but I’m not holding that against him. My RE is also very supportive of “alternative” approaches like Chinese herbs and acupuncture. He offers to work with patients on stress reduction: suggesting things like yoga, meditation, etc.

Several months ago when we finally hit the last stop on the infertility train: Choose one: IVF, or adopt or live child-free. We chose to give IVF a whirl. (I will interject here that we both don’t consider child-free an actual “choice” at this time and while I wanted to adopt, DH really wanted to try IVF. I came around pretty easily to agreeing to try IVF at least once.)

We considered jumping ship and going to a “big name” university clinic for IVF. This was very tempting since their stats were better and the cost somewhat lower. But, we decided to stay right here. There is something to be said for the reduced stress of having a clinic 10 – 15 minutes away instead of 90 minutes (especially if doing said IVF in January/February!) And, a group of familiar faces and a familiar location when you have to come in for your bazillionth round of bloodwork and ultrasound seemed soothing.

I have noticed that many infertility bloggers have very clever nicknames for their RE and staff. I have not come up with any.

Our RE has hairplugs but I would feel like such a heel for making fun of those. He dresses in black Dockers and a black turtle neck topped with a white lab coat. He is also into all things oriental (including the decor in his office.) He practices Tai Chi and Kung Fu. Maybe Dr. Fu Man Chu?

The nurses vary. My very favorite left right before the holidays. I could tell she was about to . . . I know that burn out look. (I am an OR nurse on hiatus.) The two that remain are both very nice. One has a super knack for inserting IUI catheters, truly a talent! But that skill will no longer benefit me. The other is my new favorite. She is kind of that “cool mom you always wish you had” kind of woman. One day (just in there for cd3 bloodwork) I burst into tears when she asked me how I was doing. Instead of forging ahead all business, she stopped what she was doing and hugged me. Then she sat and held my hand until I got control enough to speak clearly. (It was not my finest moment. I do not cry in public!) DH had been a jerk that morning. I gave her the gist of it and she very empathetically explained that, sadly, most of the DH’s just don’t get it. I had to go in the next day again and she stopped to check in on me. I told her I was feeling much better but that I still wanted to kill DH. Her answer? “Honey, don’t kill him just yet, we need his sperm for this IVF to work!” I laughed out loud and secretly smiled about it the rest of the day. That made her my new favorite! The newest member of the nursing staff (and my least favorite) will probably not stay long. She just doesn’t fit. She is sort of an old grouchy nun / matronly type with no nurturing about her. Luckily I haven’t seen her much. Last but not least there is an ultrasound tech. Her mood runs a bit hot and cold and she uses way too much gel . . . but overall she is kind and gentle so we’ll keep her.

In the IVF lab we have a very funny little man who is the Embryologist. He actually gives very practical advice. He told the women how to “practice” having a full bladder and hold it. And guess what the men get to practice . . . exactly! He stressed that this was very important because they could not get gunshy on the day of the retrieval there was too much at stake. And for those of us lucky enough to do ICSI, the men have to produce twice in a fairly short period of time. He also advised the men to bring their own video or magazines since his are outdated and most men complain about them.

So that is my team. Anyone want to help me name them?
RE? Nurses #1, 2, 3? Ultrasound tech? Embryologist?

I also confess that I will like my RE much, much, much more if we get a baby out of this thrilling adventure! Maybe that’s not entirely fair, but then neither is infertility!


One Response to “Name my IVF Team”

  1. Mary Scarlet Says:

    Hi Beagle … saw your comment on April’s blog. Am going to go read through your archives next. I know this is mean but you could call your RE “Dr Dollhead” in honor of his plugs. Perhaps one day, after you’ve been hopped up on hormones for a few weeks, you might feel a little less charitable towards him and glad to be able to use that. Or maybe Dr. Goth would work. Then … well … you’ve got a Nurse Huggy and a Nurse Surly maybe.. Anway, good luck with your cycle and I’ll look forward to following your progress.

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