One Ultrasound and One E2 Coming Right Up!

I have an appointment!

I go in Friday morning at 10:15 for an ultrasound and an E2 level. I am not sure exactly when I start the Follistim, but I am sure “my IVF team” will tell me. My instructions were to call with AF, who has not exactly arrived. But, I called anyway when I started spotting this afternoon so that I could get on the wanding roster. The nurse said AF may or may not really show on Lupron and that this was OK. (OK? That’s sounds great to me!) And she (AF) can stay away altogether until . . . oh . . . say Autumn! That would be really great!!

My mood was OK today but I still feel like my head is in outer space. Does this mean menopause will really suck? Or is it just that being female really sucks? But I digress . . .

I was almost (naively I am sure) looking forward to having a hot flash. I am usually too cold rather than too warm. So, to me, “hot flash” actually sounds like a momentary trip to the beach. Well, I haven’t had one yet. As a matter of fact I’ve been having cold flashes. (Not weather related either). Other than the constant headache, the only other physical symptom I have experienced since starting Lupron is a diminished ability to regulate my body temperature. I shiver in a hot shower. I sleep with fleece jammies and an extra blanket (poor C.) and I am still cold. Is that weird or what?? So I feel a bit cheated about those hot flashes. I know, I know, I should be grateful.

So in honor of my missing hot flashes, I am posting this Maxine cartoon.


5 Responses to “One Ultrasound and One E2 Coming Right Up!”

  1. Lindy Says:

    Yay! Things are really moving along! I’m so excited for you, Beagle.

  2. PortLairge Says:

    I’m so glad you finally get to go in for your supression check. It will be all action now for the next few weeks. I am the same as you when it comes to being cold. My acupuncturist says it’s bacause I’m damp!!!!!!!!!! It is important to keep your feet warm because your feet are directly connected to your uterus. Who knew!

  3. Fertility Faux Pas Says:

    Just checking in…Hope your appointment went well today. Keep us posted!

  4. Liz Says:

    So glad you got an appt…things will be starting soon. I’m always cold so when I got the hot flashes from the lupron I had to adjust to it. My office is always cold but now I’m not…very happy about that.

  5. thalia Says:

    Glad that things are moving along. I did get a mofo of a period on lupron, so don’t rule it out. It came late, too.

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