The Green Light means GO

Well, we got the green light! My uterine lining and ovaries are “good to go.” They took a tube of blood for good measure to make sure the E2 is as it should be.

Tomorrow morning I continue with Lupron at half the dose (now only 5 units from here on out) and in the evening I get two shots: one vial (75u) of Menopur and another shot with 75u Follistim. Because the delivery systems are not compatible this means two shots per evening instead of one, with a grand total of three per day. This sounds worse than it is. The subcutaneous shots really don’t phase me much but I still plan to play it up for all the sympathy I can get! 🙂

So there we have the plan in it’s latest version. My retrieval will be “sometime the week of Jan. 30th.” That’s pretty vague. I realize that this is all, at least in part, a guessing game. The benefit of having been through several injectible/IUI cycles is that they have a pretty good idea by now how to dose me based on my past reactions to FSH/LH medications. From what my RE said last cycle, my body’s tendency to overreact to the drugs may actually work in our favor for IVF. Apparently adding the low dose Lupron is like driving with your foot on the gas and the brake at the same time and this gives them an added measure of control. The idea is to get lots of nice follicles without letting one big whopper take the lead and trigger ovulation prematurely. It sounds like a sensible plan. I hope it turns out as planned.

AF has decided to show up after all. So far she’s not being too horrible. The blue goo was as awful as ever, but at least it was warm. (they always use a warming unit, but if you have a very early appointment, as I usually try to do, the warming hasn’t really happened yet.)

I wore my lucky socks to my appointment. They are hand knit with very fine wool and are made of that variegated sort of tie-dye looking yarn in a rainbow sorbet of colors. I figure if that’s all I’m allowed to wear below the waist then my socks may as well be super cool. They cost me $25 at a local handcrafts shop. I sell my pottery there. So, when I went earlier this week to check on my inventory, I spotted these socks. Of course, as always I spend all my “profits” while I’m there. They have the coolest collection of gifts. I decided I deserved a gift: cool socks.

Spending money on extravagent luxuries like $25 socks has become a rather relative thing. After charging $9,590 to my Visa for the RE’s bill, the socks seem downright cheap. (Just FYI anyone wanting to compare IVF prices regionally: That sum includes RE’s fees only for monitoring, bloodwork, retrieval and transfer. This does not include medications, anesthesia, freezing of embryos (please God let us have extras), etc. That price seems high to me. But who would I complain to? Well, that’s enough whining about what I cannot change! I just keep thinking how nice that money would look in my child(ren)’s college fund instead.

Oh, and a “funny” tidbit: to add to the stress and agony of handing over said Visa card for abovementioned bill . . . it was DENIED! That was just so embarrassing. Well, C. and I had a little momentary panic but I quickly figured out that I had handed her an expired card (we just got new ones). I guess it was nerves! I handed her the new Visa and we were on our merry, if poorer, way.

This afternoon I am having a reunion with my long lost acupuncturist. I figured what the hell . . . why not . . . it can’t hurt and it may help. I do know it helps me relax. So I am going for that reason alone and if she can work some miracle on my ovaries by sticking needles into my ankles then . . . hey . . . I’m up for that too!


4 Responses to “The Green Light means GO”

  1. Leggy Says:

    Yeah- I’m glad you got the green light. Very exciting.

    Scary credit card bill- lets hope you reap the rewards in about 9 months.

  2. PortLairge Says:

    I hope you get miles on that visa!!
    I inject my dose of Follistim(from the pen) into the vial of Menopur and then bring the volume up to 1 ml with sterile water or sodium and just do one injection. My clinic told me to do that. Sometimes you can’t with higher doses because the concentration would be too high but with 75 and 75 it would be fine.
    Are we going to ge a picture of the socks?

  3. Lindy Says:


    This is just so freakin’ exciting!

    And yes, I want to see the socks.

    Looking forward to your first monitoring appointment.

  4. thalia Says:

    Glad that you’re busy going ahead. I agree with you, the sub-q shots are really not that bad. Hope that things are going well.

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