Ultrasound #2, Day 4 of Stimms, Part 2

The fast track to OHSS? Or just a case of eager ovaries?

Nurse D. called at noon to say my E2 is a bit high for this early: 308. I need to find a chart that tells me what is normal for corresponding cycle day. I am cd 6, day four of stimms (inject at night) so the E2 of 308 reflects only 3 doses of stimms. (That should be clear as mud.)

They want me to come in tomorrow for repeat U/S and E2. They are keeping my doses the same which surprises me a bit. I don’t think 308 is sky high, just higher than ideal. I have had OHSS twice already on IUI cycles so Dr. P likes to treat my ovaries with kid (latex free, of course) gloves. So my dose remains at: Lupron 5u in the morning, then Follistim 75 u and Menopur 75 u in the evening.

In IUI cycles 150 u of Follistim where enough to put me into OHSS. 75 u was an understimmulated cycle so we finally ended up with 112 u, which worked well. I would have voted for sticking with that but I think with IVF they want to be a little more aggressive also there is the Lupron to consider.

We’ll see . . . in a matter of hours I went from hopeful to worried. Again. I think I’m still OK because cd 6 is still pretty early. I do take some comfort in the fact that Dr. P is on the ball and keeping a close eye on things.

Tomorrow’s appointment 10:45 am. Better go launder the lucky socks! Again.

Sigh . . .

3 Responses to “Ultrasound #2, Day 4 of Stimms, Part 2”

  1. Lindy Says:

    There’s still plenty of time to even things out. My E2 after 3 days of stims was over 600 and they lowered my dose. Then my E2 slowed down and so did the follicles, so they bumped the dose back up. In the end, everything was fine.

    I’m glad they’re keeping a close eye on you… helps you feel like you and they are doing everything possible to make this work!

  2. PortLairge Says:

    I’ve just caught up on your last three posts. Phew, you are one busy girl. Thank you for linking to me. I got so excited when I saw it.
    I think your E2 level is fine. Extra monitoring is always good anyway, if you increase a lot tomorrow, they can reduce your dose. Your follies look great too.
    I am so sorry about your friend. Some friends have to be put into compartments and only allowed out at certain times. Sometimes you might only let them out once a year or so. I hope that this cycle brings you your little baby so you can have mommy conversations with her although I fear as a mommy she may be a lttle assvicey as well.
    Good luck tomorrow

  3. mm Says:

    Keep in mind that I have no idea what I’m talking about, but your levels look OK to me. I know this is so nerve wracking!! Hang in there.

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