Getting Close Now

Well today’s U/S left me feeling somewhat closer to optimistic! Dr. Substitute seemed very pleased. I still have in the neighborhood of 10-12 contenders. I’m happy with that. Size-wise we have a wider range now. The smallest is measuring 12×13 and the largest measuring 17×17. The majority are in the 15mm range and there are “a lot more” that are too small to count at this point. I did not ask for an E2 call tonight. She will only call me if I require a dose change which I do not expect at this point.
Dr. Substitute feels that it is possible I will trigger tomorrow but her money is on Tuesday, which means ER Thursday. I guess this is good. I am cd 10 and 8 days of stimms now, so that would put trigger at cd 12 and ER at cd 14 which seems reasonable since it corresponds to what happens during a “normal,” drug-free cycle. I can hardly believe I am this close already. It seems like a lifetime of waiting and a blink of an eye all at once!

Sadly, my warped little mind is now actually distressed about how “good” I feel. I feel bloated. Wanding is unpleasant. Intercourse is out of the question (thanks to all your responses I figured out that I do not have to be some kind of hero in that department!) . . . Yet I do not feel the kind of pain or the kind of insanity that I felt during my injectibles/IUI cycles at this stage. Instead of feeling grateful for this, I feel a sense of doom lurking . . . as though pain and torture are a prerequisite to IVF success. So, if it’s this easy right now, then I will not get the reward: aka a baby.

I would feel better if I felt worse. How backwards is that??

So, I am busying myself to try to put this out of my mind after I log off here. I have two more days of U/S bloodwork to look forward to which makes for three days in a row. As unpleasant as that is, I am grateful for the watchful eye approach they are taking.

Funny bit from my acupuncture appointment on Friday. She advised me to eat lots of protein, especially eggs. I asked: “eat eggs for my eggs you mean?” (thinking I was being funny) and she said “exactly!” “That is what we believe in Chinese medicine. You eat eyes for eye trouble, brains for brain trouble, and so on.” Sadly, I did not think of this reply until I was in the car. But if I am to eat eggs for my eggs (and especially since we have mainly MF) . . . what exactly should I be cooking for my husband tonight?? ;-O

OK, enough funny stuff . . . we settled for steaks at the Outback for lunch today after my appointment. That is protein too. I did eat an egg for breakfast in case she’s right.


5 Responses to “Getting Close Now”

  1. Lindy Says:

    Sounds like things are contunuing to move along perfectly. I didn’t feel nearly as bad as I expected to during my stims phase either. Though I felt like total crap post-retrieval. Maybe that’ll make you feel like all is as it should be?

    I’m just so excited for you!

    Go Beagle!

  2. Thalia Says:

    Your numbers sound wonderful. Anything at 13 will definitely be ready for thursday, some of the smaller ones may well catch up. All great news, well done!

  3. daysgoby Says:


  4. PortLairge Says:

    Those follies are coming along perfectly. I had similar flooicle numbers to you and my smallest follie was 14 on the day of trigger and they got a good haul of eggs. I only felt bloated in my stim phase too-no other symptoms.

  5. Beagle Says:

    I think I liked flooicle better! 🙂

    Thanks guys . . . now if I can just get a hold of myself for a few more days . . . oh ya . . . then there’s the 2ww!

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