Same Time, Same Place . . .

Man . . . this is starting to suck! (Starting?)

I don’t even know where to start. The whole visit to the RE’s was a comedy of errors this morning. Let’s see if I can get this down is some readable way.

First, just the facts, ma’am:

  1. Sunday corrections/catch-up: E2 was 786, B/P was perfect
  2. Today: More follies, bigger follies, E2 TBA . . . not ready to trigger yet, probably not even tomorrow. Maybe not even Wednesday. Still, all is well in my IVF world
  3. Very disappointed that trigger will be later than I “planned” on
  4. Serves me right for “planning”
  5. Today, waiting room experience and RE visit in general were, well, less than “ideal”
  6. Serves me right for believing “ideal” exists
  7. Stressed more than usual due to fabricating a white lie to skip out of office “for a quick errand” (code for I am having a dildo-cam shoved up my you know where . . . ) that turned into a rather long absence

The saga retold with superfluous details for those of you with some spare time to kill:

  1. Arrive to an overfilled waiting room
  2. Told by receptionist (loudly) that I am there 1 hour and 15 mins early (despite an appointment card that says otherwise
  3. Get dirty looks from all others in waiting room
  4. Told by receptionist (much quieter this time) that she made the error, not me.
  5. Sit scowling, while audibly relaying receptionist correction to C. for the benefit of other scowling patients (since they could not hear receptionist correction)
  6. Babies everywhere. I feel like I have taken a wrong turn at the pediatrics office.*
  7. Get called 40 minutes late despite it not being my fault re: “wrong” appointment time
  8. explain to U/S tech that it’s not my fault the schedule is off, show her appointment card
  9. C. told not to sit on chair in tiny exam room because previous couple had a poopy diaper changing accident on said upholstered chair. They also were largely responsible for 40 minute delay as their existing baby made a fuss during U/S. (Is it actually necessary to change a diaper during what should be a ten minute appointment and hold everyone else up??)*
  10. The tiny exam room smells very strongly of super nasty baby poop (as opposed to the normal level of smelly variety) and an overdose of air freshener which is fooling no one and making my eyes water
  11. U/S painful due to large ovaries and overfilled bladder (which I declined to empty in favor of saving time) (Ha, ha, ha!)
  12. U/S tech comments “Wow, you’re bladder is really full!” C. smirks helpfully.
  13. I love my husband. Honest.
  14. Am offered bathroom, again, but now toilet not working. Damn. (Flushed baby wipes perhaps??)
  15. Blood draw nurse of the day, Nurse S., cannot find a vein. Asks me if my veins are “deep.” I refrain from telling her that no one else has trouble and just endure while she pokes around to finally hit the red gold.
  16. I have a nice drug addict bruise now.
  17. One good thing: My BP is normal. But since she did this by ear and not with the automatic B/P machine, I am not sure I trust Nurse S. (of the deep vein theory)!
  18. My eggs are still not ready, I have to do this shit again. Tomorrow. Same time. Same Place.
  19. Probably Wednesday too. God grant me the serenity . . . . etc., etc., . . .

I want to be done!!! Now!!!! (Please note: I am fully aware that I am not having the worst time of it possible, but I am not a patient or relaxed woman.) This just sucks. To top it off Nurse S. dashed my fantasy by telling me that her guess is at least two more days of stimms. I want to trigger now. If not now then my consolation prize was tomorrow. But Wednesday or Thursday? Can I last that long? Obviously, yes. I just don’t want to.

*Now my disclaimers: I have nothing against secondary IF’ers. The two who know me will already know that, but for passing readers I have to say that I do indeed understand that bringing a previous success to the RE’s is a reality of life for secondary IF, and one I that do not envy by the way: having to juggle the stress of mommihood with the IF thing. I am too big of a wimp to do this again with a baby in tow. I can barely tow myself.

It’s just that three babies in the waiting room and one more pooping on the “spouse” chair in the U/S room was too much for me to bear in the span of one hour on an already anxiety ridden day. Also the waiting room mommies felt the need to have a loud discussion about strollers and car seats and then had the nerve to scowl at me for being “earlywhich I was not!

So please forgive me crankiness on the topic of babies/children/parents in the RE waiting room.

To top it off the parents of the poop incident couple : a) were a couple and didn’t have to both be there with baby at all b) where too retarded to change a diaper without getting sh*t on the furniture and leaving the mess for the rest of the staff & infertiles to live with all day c) were so retarded trying to get their bundle of joy bundled back into her adorable pink bunting thing that I felt a huge urge to intervene and put them all (including the eventually screaming child) out of their coat donning misery!

Aside from my crankiness, my general skepticism that this cycle might actually be going well, and my bitterness that IF is even a reality of my life . . . the staff all seem quite happy with my “progress” so while I am not letting Hope out of her dungeon yet . . . I do hear her calling me. She wants to be let out but I’m not falling for her tricks.

***OH NO!

I almost forgot the most important factor: The lucky socks. They were wet. Yesterday I did not have enough laundry to do a load so I washed the lucky socks by hand. Sadly, they were still wet this morning. (Note this next part will prove I am a nutjob.) Well, they are handknit wool, so unless I wanted baby booties to come out of the dryer, I had to think of something else. So, I hung them from my car’s cupholder in front of the heat vent on the way to work and then again on the way to the RE’s, by which time they were still damp but I put them on anyway. Conclusion: This day’s shitty luck is being blamed on a wet pair of lucky socks. I think the dampness must have impaired their magical powers. But, to not have worn them at all . . . was unthinkable. Imagine what might have happened then!

Well, I am off to get some Chinese take-out. I am a bit scared of what the fortune will say today.


6 Responses to “Same Time, Same Place . . .”

  1. Lindy Says:

    I’m glad everything is still looking good. And it is. Really. You and I had very similar experiences with injectables during IUI cycles and a longer, slower stim really is better for egg quality. I’m convinced you’re going to get some nice lookin’ embryos out of this pain. But I also understand that the fact that things are in fact going well doesn’t mean it isn’t incredibly stressful. The stress and craziness of the final four consecutive monitoring days and the ensuing stress of the retrieval, embryo reports, and transfer actually made me so grateful for some peace and quiet that the first part of the wait for the beta wasn’t bad at all.

    And I hereby give you my official secondary IFer’s seal of approval. I would have stared down the couple with the baby. There’s really no need at all for the whole family to be there if the dad could have at least waited outside with the poor little dear. And poop can wait 10 minutes to get to an upholstry free zone for changing. And discussion of strollers is never ever appropriate in an RE’s waiting room.

  2. LB Says:

    TOOO FUNNY! Sorry for the comedy of errors thing but it’s really funny! Anyway, try not to stress about the delay. I triggered really late, but the payoff was that all but one of my eggs retrieved were mature. Better to wait then end up with a bunch of under cooked eggs (and possibly salmonella – just trying to be funny). I agree with Lindy about the children in the office. Especially if dad was right there. How annoying. But the upside is, chances are their little pooper(s) were the product of IF treatment! Keep the chin up!

  3. Leggy Says:

    Ditto everything Lindy said. As a fellow 2ndary IFer, what idiots- if the dad is there, then dad & kid can wait outside (or better yet, stay home). Have some sensitivity people.

  4. PortLairge Says:

    I know how you feel but really as Lindy says the slow stim is better for high quality eggs. Hang in there.

  5. ca Says:

    Just found your blog and wanted to say good luck with your cycle. Also, as another secondary IFer, I too was appalled by the lack of consideration shown by your fellow patients. I’ve never taken my daughter to an appointment, which has meant that my husband has gone to very few of them, but that’s what works for us. Even I get rattled seeing newborns in the RE’s office. I hope the rest of your cycle goes well and that you get some great looking embryos to transfer.

  6. Cat Says:

    Oops — hit the return button before I should have — sorry about that! My name’s Cat. 🙂

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