Yo-Yo E2

My brain is in continuous fret mode now. Poor C. He’s had to listen to me ask him “Are you sure this is alright?” about twenty times since Dr. Substitute called at 3pm! (Note: that was about five hours ago).
Sadly my brain didn’t even register my exact E2 number but the gist is that it has barely changed in the past 2 days. It went from 716 to let’s say 792 or so (it was just under 800). Now it’s too low. Damn. So I am to increase my dose, which sounds reasonable to me but the amount has me a bit worried. Maybe I am just crazy. She wants me to increase the Follistim from 50iu to 150 iu. and leave the Menopur the same at 75iu. So my overall stim dose is not even doubled but the follistim dose is tripled. And I am driving myself nutty imagining that Dr. P would not have made this same choice but Dr. Substitute is on call so she’s the boss.

Anyway, this is not even an update in sane people terms. The main update is my pathological level of worry in reaction to this. I have never had such a cooperative cycle and I am waiting for the other shoe to drop. Any minute now. I am also a chronic worrier in good times. And these are not good times. Good for mid-IVF maybe, but not good as compared to say “normal” daily living.

God, I wish drinking were allowed in this phase! Could a glass of wine really hurt? To top that off C. rented a couple of movies for the evening, one of which was “Dodgeball.” Pity me. It was awful. Has anyone else been unfortunate enough to see this movie? It might be funny if you’re drunk or otherwise impaired. Utterly juvenile. I guess that’s what makes it so “funny.” C. acknowledged this but watched it through to the end anyway.

Well, Internets . . . nighty night . . . I hope I don’t dream about exploding ovaries or something even more fretful. I am such a basketcase.

Thanks for all the encouragement and well wishes in your comments. Much appreciated!


2 Responses to “Yo-Yo E2”

  1. PortLairge Says:

    I was on Follistim 300 and Menopur 75 and then it changed to follistim 150 and menopur 150 so those doses don’t sound high. My E2 peaked at about 3400 and they retrieved 17 eggs. Now, if I have managed to take away that worry- you are going to have to find another one. Don’t worry about the worrying, it’s just your nature and you can’t change. Just worry away to your hearts content

  2. Lindy Says:

    There’s still plenty of time to work this out. My stim phase was all kinds of wacky with dose changes and moving to fast and then stalling out and they were able to make it work in the end. Hopefully Dr. P can decide what you should do tonight.

    I completely understand though. The active part of the stims phase and monitoring was the most stressful part for me.

    And I don’t think a glass of wine would really hurt!

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