Guess who just called?

Nurse M. just called to say that Dr.P. has a family emergency and will not be doing my retrieval tomorrow. Dr. Substitute will. Sigh. Oddly, I am not very frazzled by this turn of events. (Well, OK, frazzled enough to be posting the news.) I have no qualms at all about Dr. S.’s talents. I trust them both equally. It’s more about the “omen” factor. I am turing into a freaking superstitious whack!

But I am also taking heart at the fact that I am not having a meltdown about this. And at this point, to be honest, they could send in a first year medical student to do the job and I would just be glad to have the ER behind me. (Well, OK, so that part is a lie!)

Now I’m off to have a “light supper” at my favorite local restaurant (Thai) with a fellow nurse and massage therapist friend. She is great at distracting me with funny stories and she can also stomach the most gory details of any medical procedure, including IVF. She is not pregnant, has never been pregnant, and never plans to be pregnant. She never gives assvice. She is the perfect real live person to spend my pre-retrieval evening with! (C. is working in case this sounds like I don’t like my own husband.)

Now what to wear . . . my pants are all so tight in the belly.


4 Responses to “Guess who just called?”

  1. PortLairge Says:

    Well done on not getting freaked out. At least you know Dr S. I don’t think I knew you are a nurse. How could I miss that. Me too!

  2. LB Says:

    Wishing you luck today! Please take it easy afterwords… and straight to the sofa! C needs to take good care of you the next couple of days! Can’t wait for the update!

  3. thalia Says:

    Yoga pants. It’s the only way to go. Emily (scambled eggs) went to hers in her pyjamas, so I think sartorial elegance is not something that anyone is going to hold you to! I do hope that it all goes very well, and that you get to enjoy the good drugs.

    Retrieval really isn’t so bad, I promise, unless you go to a wierd clinic like manuela’s or ovagirls’ where they don’t give you the good drugs. If you go back to the first week of November I wrote out what happened in detail on my blog – although I think you’ll have slightly more luxurious surroundings than I did.

    Good luck!

  4. Paola Says:

    Beagle I want to wish you the BEST of luck!

    Can’t wait to hear about your ER. Go shock them with your perfect eggs!!!

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