Retrieval Scheduled for Friday

I have calmed down some (maybe that acupuncture was good for something?)

I trigger tonight at 10pm. My E2 is 2,271. My ER is scheduled for Friday at 8:30 am. We are to arrive at 8 am (for a wanking head start?) In order to cope, I have decided that the four eggs will be perfect eggs. You know, kind of a “quality over quantity” approach . . . and until they tell me otherwise I will comfort myself with that fantasy.

Thanks for the empathic responses. I love it here in blogland!

Because in the “real” world, where they don’t get it this is what happens when I try to tell my sorry story:

My acupuncture session was less that perfect too. There is a definite language barrier there, so let’s take that into account. But when she asked me how many eggs and I started to explain how it was 12, but now only 4, etc. Well, she fixated on the 12 and kept telling me that 12 was a great number. Even when I corrected her she kept saying that 12 was great but 4 was OK too. WTH??

Then there was some confusion about the meaning of retrieval versus transfer. Somehow she thought I had already put them back in, so then I was paranoid about whether the needles where in the right “points”, etc. And lastly, the music was manic and weird. Not at all relaxing. She called it classical but that was a huge stretch. I was so ready to leave when the session was over, but once was on my way home, I did notice that I was calmer than before I went in.

I am so not honest with my acupuncturist. I never tell her when I hate the music. She thinks I love Enya. I do not. She always ends the session asking me: “Did you relaxed?” I always fight the urge to correct her. And, no, as it happens I did not “relaxed” with that horrid music today!


4 Responses to “Retrieval Scheduled for Friday”

  1. PortLairge Says:

    I will keep my fingers, legs and toes crossed that all goes well on Friday. I agree with the quantity over quality theory. I’m not going to give you any assvicy stories but good things DO happen and I’m hoping they happen to you.Good luck with your trigger

  2. Lori Says:

    The music is my favorite part and I always spoke up when I didn’t like it. Particularly if there were vocals, for some reason I prefer the instrumental stuff. I figure I’m paying an arm and a leg…
    I’m sorry you’re not getting the response you were hoping for with the eggs. I hope they are the 4 most perfect eggs EVER!

  3. mm Says:

    Ugh. Does anyone really like Enya? Or find it relaxed? Geez. Best of luck with the trigger. My fingers are crossed that your RE was underestimating the # of mature eggs. Either way, may those 4 be the best 4.

  4. thalia Says:

    I would have to fire that acupuncturist. But at least in the meantime surely tell her you don’t like the music!!

    Hoping that retrieval goes well tomorrow. Wishing for perfect eggs for you.

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