Back from Retrieval

(For the short version and the good news: fast forward to the ***)

Retrieval went well . . . I am home and napped away the morning then watched a bad movie (Red Eye). I have cramps, but nothing bad. Mostly I just feel wiped out and tired from the anesthesia.

They retrieved 16 eggs but as you will recall they were not all mature. They took all the eggs because a) you never just know b) if they left the immature ones behind then those eggs would just mess up the E2 and increase my risk of OHSS.

In light of our circumstances , they decided to do ICSI on all the eggs after all (which I actually wanted in the first place.) The embryologist said that while the fresh sperm look great at first glance she could already tell that the percentage of antibodies present would cause most of them to clump by afternoon if we let them fertilize “conventionally”. So ICSI was our best bet to optimize success. This sounded reasonable to me!

They promised a call later this afternoon (currently it’s 3:30pm) so I am pretty eager to hear the verdict since the 16 egg count is pretty irrelevant at this point.

***Just as I paused to finish this partial report and post it, the phone range!

I can hardly believe it! The lucky socks really came through today! Out of 16 retrieved, we had 9 mature eggs, all of which ICSI’d perfectly. (The embryologist said I have nice eggs!) I am so thrilled, I do not have old lady eggs, despite my advanced maternal age! Then she went on to say that after they finished injecting sperm into the 9, they went over the remaining 7 immature eggs one more time and found that one of the borderline eggs seemed to have reached the M2 level of maturity after all! (M2=required maturity for ICSI) A bonus! What more could an IVF girl ask for? So the current count is 10 mature eggs successfully ICSI’d. The rest were set aside with some of C.’s better left over sperm and there is still a small chance for some magic overnight in the second string petri dish!

Tomorrow some time they will call to tell us how many actually fertilized and then of course the daily agony of waiting continues. But, after the lousy 4 mature eggs prognosis from my last ultrasound, I am just so thrilled! Maybe there are miracles after all. And that makes me cautiously optimistic that the whole deal might actually work. We might actually be parents before this year is through!

Thanks again so very much for all the well wishes and support. I will post more later about the actual procedure, for anyone yet facing it, who might want to know. The retrieval itself really wasn’t bad. It’s all the stress leading up to ER that’s so hard, and the waiting and uncertainty afterwards. But ER itself is a breeze! I will say that the out of pocket $450 for anesthesia was worth every penny. I cannot imagine going through it awake. Not so much because of physical pain, but the mental agony would have done me in!

I feel so grateful right now, just for a chance at success.


5 Responses to “Back from Retrieval”

  1. LB Says:

    I have been waiting all day for the good news! I am THRILLED for you! 10 is GREAT! I’m so glad you did ICSI with all of them! I’m feeling really good about this! Make sure you rest up! How much prog are you taking? WOW WOW WOW! This is such great news!

  2. Liz Says:

    Great news!!!! So excited for you. Crossing my fingers that they all fertilize and you will have great embies to choose from.

  3. Thalia Says:

    Great news on this and the new post (which won’t let me comment on it). Let’s hope they all keep it up!

  4. Pamplemousse Says:

    Great news! Good job!

  5. Beagle Says:

    I have posted my update twice and it keeps disappearing from the list of posts. I don’t know what is going on. Anyway, ’til I figure it out here’s teh gist: as of Saturday noon, we had 9/10 ICSI’d eggs fertilized into ‘textbook perfect zygotes’. More when I can figure out why blogger won’t let me post on my own blog!

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