Six Ain’t Bad

This morning’s progress report:

We have 6 very good 7-8 cell embryos, which is right on target for day 3. Two more embryos have all but arrested since they are now only 2 cells each and as for the 9th, I did not ask. (I had to take the call in the middle of a chaotic time at work, so I did not have my complete wherewithal to ask a lot of questions.)
I did not notice until I ended the conversation that 6 and 2 did not add up to 9! That shows just how frazzled I am by these calls!

So the bottom line is that we are going for the 5 day transfer on Wednesday. I won’t get an actual appointment time until tomorrow. The embryologist feels very confident that we will have good embryos to transfer on Wednesday. She was not quite as reassuring about having left-overs to freeze, but said it’s quite possible.

I have mixed feelings about three day versus five day transfers. Obviously five day is more nerve wracking if you impatient like me. Also, part of the point of a five day transfer is to weed out the weaker embryos which is a little sad to me. It also means that the daily report from the IVF lab is somewhat likely to decline in cheeriness every day. Right now, I have to just take a leap of faith here and trust that Dr. P. is right about this approach. He believes it will increase our chances for success. There are studies that agree. But, I will admit that I am already sad about the three that are “lost.”

When we got the call on Saturday about nine eggs being fertilized it really hit me for the first time how “real” those embryos are/were. It is entirely possible, that with our MF and C.’s antibody issues, that we have never had even an embryo before now. And as tiny as it is, an embryo is truly a living entity that is an equal genetic combination of the two of us. So it can’t be too crazy that I am thinking of them on terms of beings, human beings in fact.

I know an embryo has a long way to go before becoming a real live baby, but there is just something so amazing about it even in these early stages. It has never truly sunk in with me, quite this way, before now. Maybe I just couldn’t allow myself to imagine a reality that I was not even sure was possible. But now I do take some small comfort in knowing that, at least this first tiny step, is possible. Our love and perseverance, in partnership with some amazing technology and the powers that be, has created life. Microscopic life, but life nonetheless.

My challenge for the moment is to stay calm between now and Wednesday and not look too far ahead. I feel a little off kilter today, maybe the progesterone is adding up by now? I know my butt is starting to mind the daily assault. Both cheeks are sore, so I have no other cheek left to “turn”. I also can’t stand the progesterone suppositories. They are adding insult to injury. Is it really necessary to be getting progesterone from “all angles”? I will do as they say . . . I am an obedient patient, but I don’t have to like it!

Please powers that be . . . let our embies make it to Wednesday and if it’s not too greedy to ask . . . we’d really love to have a few back-ups in the cryobank.


5 Responses to “Six Ain’t Bad”

  1. Leggy Says:

    Six ain’t bad at all. I hope you have enough for transfer and enough to freeze. Good luck keeping sane until Wednesday- I know its hard.

  2. Liz Says:

    6 is very good!!! Hope they continue to fertilize and you will have some left over to freeze. Hope the wait won’t be too bad.

  3. N Says:

    Crossing my fingers that there will be perfect “textbook embryos” on wednesday for both transfer and freezer. Good luck!!!

  4. Kellie Says:

    Good luck and lots of embryo dividing thoughts for those 6 little embryos. Hopefully you’ll have 2 to transfer and 4 to freeze!

  5. thalia Says:

    Remember that the studies show that there is an increased rate of success FROM THE DATE THEY TRANSFER the embryos to you on day 5, not from the beginning of the cycle, as so many conk out between day 3 and day 5 in the petri dish. That’s why your clinic needed to see that you had 6 good ones because that gives them a close-to-certainty that they’ll have two left on Wednesday. If you had fewer, they would not have taken the risk and waited that long.

    So GO EMBRYOS! I’ll be hoping for you.

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