This time tomorrow

I’ll have my embies back!

My appointment for ET is noon. Today’s embie report was not quite as “perfect” but that is in part, the point of a 5 day transfer: to weed out the weaker embies and choose the best for transfer. The IVF team is still sounding pretty positive.

There is some debate about the question of whether to return 2 versus 3. In a day 5 transfer, it is possible to get triplets even with two embies. Day 5 embies have a greater chance of splitting and becoming identical twins so you could transfer only 2 have both embies take, plus have an extra twin! (Yikes). So I discussed this at length with the embryologist and he did scare me off a bit with the whole “selective reduction” thing. Though I still feel that our chances of ending up with high order multiples is very, very small. But even as small as the chance is, it’s best to at least consider it all in advance. That will be the biggest downside to C. not being there if that ends up to be the case.

Which brings me to:

The other thing that frazzled me a bit is that C. may not be able to come along for the ET (which we knew all along, he’s the new guy at work, time off is hard right now.) It’s just that the nurse made me feel so bad about driving myself.

There is no sedation for ET. They recommend bedrest after ET. OK, so what is the difference between walking to the car, sitting in the passenger seat, walking up my driveway, and going to bed or the same scenario with me in the drivers seat. I have a 20-25 minute drive to the IVF lab, not a several hour out-of-state trek.

The nurse kept asking “didn’t I have someone else I could ask?” That part is probably making me feel worst of all. No I do not. C.’s parents are deceased, my parents love me with all their hearts and I love them, but not at all relaxing to be around. They worry, fret and fuss. They don’t even come close to “getting it.” Oh yes and there is the small matter that they don’t know we’re doing IVF! I am fairly new to this town. I have made friends, but it’s not like I can ask one of the few who even know, to take a day off of work to babysit me. Certainly not on one days notice! I may have made arrangements somehow if they had made this seem like a big deal sooner. In our orientation the very same nurse said that having a driver for ER was essential and having a driver for ET would be nice but not necessary. Mainly they stressed that because this is all so clinical, that they really suggest the husbands be there for ET.

I wish they would not have made me feel so guilty about it. Oh well . . . I will do what I have to do and they can feel how they like about it. Medically speaking there is very little difference between an IUI and an ET and I did all seven of those alone, driving and all.

There, I am done with that vent . . . !!

Other than those minor gripes, I am ready. I am of course rather nervous becasue they really won’t know until about 10 am tomorrow how many and how good the embies are. But I am trying to just let go and think positive thoughts. I’ve done all I can do to make this work. Now God, fate, and a little luck are in charge! Oh yes, and the embryos . . . they have to do their part: burrow into that nice plush endometrial lining . . . . stick, stick, stick!!

6 Responses to “This time tomorrow”

  1. Leggy Says:

    Good luck sweetie- hope it all works out. I think you are right re: ET- what difference does it make if you drive or not?

  2. Kellie Says:

    Good luck tomorrow.

    Hope those embies stick!!

  3. Lori Says:

    Don’t listen to that nurse! Sure the emotional support would be nice but I don’t see how that would influence your driving.
    Good luck tomorrow – I’ll be thinking of you and hoping that all goes well!!

  4. Paola Says:

    Good luck today (here it is morning already!)

    I hope those babies stick!!

    As for going there, if that could put your mind at ease, couldn’t you get a cab?? Just a thought

    I will be checking on you and crossing everything for you!!

  5. Pamplemousse Says:

    Good luck Beagle! I second a taxi cab.

  6. Fertility Faux Pas Says:

    Best of luck and don’t worry about the driving. Hoping for the best for you!

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