5dp5dt . . . Getting antsy already!

Friday seems so far away. I would love to test tomorrow. I am still undecided. But, between my weak resolve and the three pack of FRER tests under the bathroom sink . . . I’m not sure how good I can be.

C. does not want me to test at all. I rarely obey him though. As a matter of fact, I had “obey” stricken from our wedding vows. Literally.

I am having no symptoms per se. I have the usual Gee . . . Hmmmmm . . . I wonder symptoms, but I’m sure they can all be attributed to Progesterone. The only symptom that worries me is cramps. I had no cramps the day of the transfer but every day since I have had varying degrees of cramping. Nothing earth shattering but enough to make me feel like she is knocking at the door already and the only thing holding her at bay is an artificially sustained P3 level.

Sigh . . . in the end all a girl can do is hope and wait and wait and hope.

Six years ago today I met my husband. After a different kind of waiting and hoping . . . I was pretty sure I had finally come across a guy that made marriage look like a good idea. I remember going to my Mom’s later that evening and just feeling like I’d burst with the news that I had just met my future husband. But I did not tell her. I was afraid it would break the spell. I guess I’ve always been prone to superstition and magical thinking!

Three years and seven days later we said “I do”. Sometimes hoping and waiting works. I’d love for it to work again!

So, does the fact that I had an inexplicable draw to check out the pack and plays today at Target mean anything? I was there to buy some shampoo and a vase. I should not have even noticed the pack and plays.

Well . . . we’ll see I guess. “Signs” generally make more sense in retrospect.


6 Responses to “5dp5dt . . . Getting antsy already!”

  1. LB Says:

    Glad to hear you’re hanging in there. I’d have tested twice by now… at least! LOL! I bought those tests in bulk from Momma Kath. She must be the richest lady in the world! Anyway, don’t stress about the cramps. If you look at my fertility friend, you’ll see where I pencilled in “wicked cramps” about 2 days after transfer. They were the worst ever… waking me out of my sleep. I was sure that any possibility of a little embie in there was being “squeezed out” by the cramps. It was very upsetting but turned out to be a positive, not a negative. Take good care,

  2. mm Says:

    You have amazing willpower!! Good for you for not testing yet. The cramps aren’t necessarily a bad thing. My fingers are crossed for you.

  3. Lori Says:

    Word on the street is that cramps aren’t always a bad thing. Good luck with the testing issue. Not sure if I should be encouraging you to test or telling you to stay strong!

  4. Kellie Says:

    Oooh, you are certainly full of willpower! ALthough I will admit I did not test until 6dp3dt and that was a BFN. I did get 2 lines on 7dp3dt.

    Not that I’m trying to talk you into testing or anything 😉

    GOod luck.

  5. PortLairge Says:

    I had the same as Kellie negative 6dp3d transfer and positive 7dp3dt. Some brands of HPT came up negative though so I used several different tests. I peed in a cup and tested 3 at a time. I think I’m an addict. I also had very strong cramping, the whole week before my beta, like the crimson bitch was coming but a little stronger than I would normally get. I’m antsy for you girl. I wish it was Friday.

  6. Lindy Says:

    Oh, Beagle! This is so exciting! I’m not going to tell you which day to test. I’m tempted to cheer you on to go for it tomorrow or at least the next day, but I’ve also heard of too many women who had negative tests, then positive betas. So… I’d guess you’re probably going to test (I certainly did), but please promise me that you’ll try not to get too freaked out in case it’s negative.

    With my son, I had a negative at 11dpIUI and an incredibly faint positive at 12dpIUI. With this pregnancy, I had a negative at 7dp3dt and a very very faint positive at 8dp3dt.

    Still, so many women have negatives at this point (or even at the equivalent of 13dpo) and end up with healthy pregnancies.

    I’ll be thinking about you tomorrow morning!

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