Blogger is SO ANNOYING!

I can’t believe it. I wrote this long lovely post about loving my husband after all and saved it as a draft. Then I opened it up to add a photo and blogger came up with an error message and now it’s all gone. No draft, no nothing! And I am too aggravated to write a happy post now!

Rewrites are never the same. My memory is not THAT good.

Ughh . . . How frustrating. This will teach me. In the future . . . I need to create my post in MS Word then cut and paste to blogger. Grrrr . . . .

To add an element of total weirdness . . . when I tried to recover the post, part of it showed up but had this bit of french tacked on to the end. Now how can that happen? I do not blog in French, talented as I am , ha, ha . . . my four years of French did not make me THAT clever.

How freaking weird is that? Do you suppose some french language blogger has the rest of my post? Return it . . . si vous plait!

For your multicultural amusement . . . here is the French bit:

“pchements mais je suis bien de retour et je compte sur vous pour laissez des commentaires et me dire ce que vous pensez de mes photos.

Bisous à tous.


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