Taking a break from Wistful

I’m still here . . . nothing much to report over the past week or so.

I do want to say THANKS to each of you who left comments . . . for all the kind words and support . . . every bit of it is APPRECIATED.

I am getting a reprieve from “All Sadness All the Time”. (My life as a bad cable channel!)

C. and I are going on vacation! The hell with credit card bills and bank accounts . . . we need a break from all this crap. In two weeks and three days . . . we are heading to Key West for a week of scuba diving and relaxation!! Margaritaville here we come . . .

In other news:

We visited our newest niece this past weekend. God that was hard! We talked about how we would feel and we considered waiting, but we didn’t think it would have been any easier if we waited a week or two or three. She is cute as a button as all babies are. I have a sweet picture of myself holding her. Sometimes I look at it and ache, other times I look at it and feel hopeful for the future. (I almost posted it here but then was unsure what the etiquettte of that would be. Baby photos aren’t always a happy thing in IF circles.)

We have a follow-up with Dr. P on Friday the 17th to discuss the failed IVF cycle, our “options, ” next steps, etc. The first thing on my list will be to tell him that one month is too long to make people wait to have some kind of explanation after a failed cycle. He did call me (as I posted previously) to check on me, but I was in the middle of an IF therapy session and he offered to call again later but he never did. Had I know that, I would have cut the other appointment short and taken my chance to quiz him when I had it, to get some answers!)

Other than that my life (right now) consists of making it through the days as well as I can and sticking strictly to my new fitness plan until my body and my mind feel alive again. The exercise, the sunny vacation, and the arrival of spring soon to follow will get me through. I am determined!

The “plan” is still to do IVF again in May . . . but we are looking at alternatives ranging from adoption, embryo adoption, ds . . . anything . . . we can only afford so much IVF and I can only endure so much of this . . . so we need to look ahead “just in case.”

So, for fear of sounding like a 12 stepper: One day at a time, I will fake it until I make it! (A dear friend of mine is a diehard 12 stepper . . . so I know the jargon!)

Wishing you a sunny day wherever you are: geographically, emotionally, etc.

I am finding my way back, rather slowly, but I am getting there.


11 Responses to “Taking a break from Wistful”

  1. DD Says:

    Enjoy your vacation. Make sure to come back with a most glorious and enviable tan! They say “sun therapy” is wonderful not only for the body, but the soul as well.

  2. mm Says:

    So glad you’re getting away and giving yourself a break. Key West should be perfect right about now. I cannot believe you had to wait a MONTH for your post cycle discussion w. your doctor. That’s insane and good for you for telling him so.

  3. Ornery Says:

    Your much-deserved vacation sounds wonderful. I hope you and your husband have a fabulous, relaxing time!

  4. Leggy Says:

    I agree- a month is too long to wait re: analysis.
    I’m glad you are getting away- sounds wonderful. We had a mini-break this weekend and we have some upcoming vacation and I’m looking forward to it. All of this (processing failure, deciding next steps) is time-consuming and overwhelming.

  5. N Says:

    I am glad you are taking some vacation. I am also very glad to read that you are somewhat getting better (and are working on it) and that you have not lost your humour…you can still make jokes…maybe a bit sarcastic but still a joke about the 12-steps there 🙂

    Sounds wonderful to go to Key West. The warmth will do you good…I wish I was going somewhere warm. Sun too is good for the spirit.

    Have a lovely trip!


  6. seattlegal Says:

    Have a nice, relaxing time on your vacation. Vacations are really needed sometimes. I’m looking forward to mine – even if it is in WI (sorry to those who may live there- I’d just rather go to HI or some place like that).

    1 month is way too long wait.

  7. Lori Says:

    I hope sunny Key West provides the relaxation you so very much deserve. It’s one of my favorite spots!
    As for waiting an entire month to discuss the failed cycle with your RE – definitely too long. I hope you get some answers and options.

  8. TiggleBitties Says:

    Have fun on your vacation and just have a good time. The sun is agood healing emotional tool…then again so are Margaritas! LOL I’m proud of you for seeing your niece. I know it was hard and you should feel good knowing you did the “right thing” (we all know somethimes the right thing hurts like Hades) Anyhoo, take care and have a drink for me!

  9. Fertility Faux Pas Says:

    Good for you for doing what you need to do to take care of yourself. I’m proud of you for going to visit your neice. You must be one strong woman. One day your neice will know how lucky she is to have such a wonderful aunt. Have a great time in Key West and drink one for me on Duval Street!

  10. Just another Jenny Says:

    A vacation sounds perfect. My hubbie and I are promising to do something nice like a quick holiday if this cycle doesn’t work.

    One day at a time sounds like a perfect idea. You deserve the relaxation – enjoy it!!!!

  11. thalia Says:

    You sound great, I’m so pleased you were able to enjoy your niece among all the sadness.

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