A Wax and a Polish

No, this is not a post about my car.

I spent 90 minutes and way too much money at the salon today getting Florida sunshine ready . . . the dreaded wax torture and the more enjoyable polish treatment (pedicure). I am good to go. If only they had spa services to perk up your mood. Oh yes, massage . . . that’s tomorrow. I figured I’d need it after the RE appointment which I expect will cause me distress . . . I am such an optimist! Not! Optimism is C.’s job. I am the designated realist.

Not much else to report . . . I made it to the gym today as well . . . more lunges and squats, step aerobics, crunches. I’m doing pretty well. Not an ounce of weight loss . . . but less squishy over all. That has to be good for something. I’d be happier if the scale reflected my hard work, though.

Have a good evening everyone . . . wish me luck tomorrow. I hope I am not a b*tch to my RE. I am rather ticked off at the world and since I paid him the ten grand to NOT get me pg, he may feel the vibes are directed at him. They are not . . . but I do plan to voice my opinion about the two “complaints” in my previous post.


One Response to “A Wax and a Polish”

  1. Just another Jenny Says:

    I deleted my post – too many spelling errors. I had to tell you because whenever I see a deleted post on my blog I always think “hey, I wanted to read that, why is it deleted”

    Anyway, here is what I was trying to say…
    I bet you are looking fab after the wax/polish.
    I hope your appointment goes well today. A follow up for a failed cycle must be hard for the doctor as well. Don’t be too hard on him but get your answers!
    Enjoy the Flordia sunshine, it’s well deserved.

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