My Cheeks are Burning Red

Not with embarrassment either, well on second thought, I am a bit embarrassed, but it’s the other cheeks that are burning red. My ass cheeks to be exact. I have cherry red ass cheeks.

Why you ask?

They are sunburned. And I haven’t even left for Florida yet. I have been getting a head start with an electric tan. I started off wearing undies while tanning to avoid this very predicament. Then, not wanting Casper white ass cheeks either, I went for a seamless tan for another few sessions. (No redness from those sessions). So, why now, all of a sudden, I got one whopper of a sunburn on my ass cheeks only, is a mystery to me. A rather painful mystery, I might add.

Woe is me.

Now where I was hoping to see some red, there is none. AF is still MIA, though she’s sent her forerunner, spot. Does that count? I hate calling the RE with this crap. I need to be back on BCP by Monday at the latest and RE said that shedding the lining fully twice before another IVF would be ideal (this would be the second “shedding”). I figure if she shows by tomorrow, I am still good, after that, I’m not sure what to do.

Other than that, I am at work trying to stay busy enough to make these last three work days go by. Pre-vacation employees are not the most productive, I would guess, if I am any indication.

For lunch today, I had Chinese take-out. I was greedy and grabbed two fortune cookies and still nothing good to report. That whole title/theme of my blog has gone by the wayside. I had that really great fortune at the start of the year when I started this blog. Then IVF#1 went to hell and so did the subsequent fortune cookies. So I have not posted many fortunes since. I had planned to make it an ongoing post title/theme.

Here are today’s two dud fortunes, so you see what I mean. They don’t even sound much better if you add “in bed.”

*Never judge a work of art by it’s defects.

*Many people will be drawn to you for your wisdom and insights.


8 Responses to “My Cheeks are Burning Red”

  1. Ornery Says:

    Sorry, but I had to giggle when I read about the cherry red ass cheeks. I don’t know why, but I think that image is just so funny and cute! I hope they’re not too painful.

    Ugh, isn’t AF the most annoying guest? She visits when least expected, refuses to stick around when you’re trying to be hospitable, and then doesn’t get the hint when you want her to get the hell out. Here’s hoping she figures it out soon!

    And even though you may not like your fortunes, I think the second one is quite appropriate.

  2. Donna Says:

    The first one isn’t a fortune, it’s a statement! I hate it when they do that. Sorry about the sunburn, that must be painful. And you should have realized by now that your body doesn’t give a hoot about vacation or scheduling at your clinic or anything else, she will do what she wants in her own sweet time.

  3. thalia Says:

    Well I could subscribe to number 2 on your behalf, even if it’s not what you were looking for.

    Have you tried the white underwear, white skirt, new white very expensive sheets trick? No? Then peeing on a stick always works for me…

  4. Lori Says:

    Sorry about the red cheeks. Maybe it will fade more quickly since they won’t otherwise be exposed to sun. Unless of course you packed a thong bikini…

  5. DD Says:

    Painful butt cheeks, you say? Wait until they start to heal and you’re scratching at them “discreetly”. Hope AF visits soon. She’s due over at my place early next week.

  6. mm Says:

    Oh your poor buns! Yikes. I hope AF shows up before your vacation… she woudln’t want to miss the fun. Have a blast.

  7. MoMo Says:

    Sorry to hear about your sunburn…I hope it heals before your vacation. I also hope you get your visitor soon…waiting is very frustrating.

    Have a great time on your vacation!

  8. Maya Says:

    Okay – I am still learning here. Can you you help me here. Why do you have the shed the lining twice before IVF? Is this for specific conditions or for every IVFer? Glad AF finally came made an appearance. Sorry that your buns got burned. I remember those days.

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