IVF #2: The Plan

Well, today I had my cervix cultured for the third time. Why do I tell you this you wonder?

Well, the cultures are a State requirement for IUI and IVF. They are valid for one year. So, I am getting them for the third time. Who cares you may ask? Well, it represents the fact that I have been visiting my friendly RE for TOO LONG! To further confirm this: I no longer have to check in at reception, they just wave to me. Also, whatever I’m there for, every other practitioner greets me by name when they call for their actual patient. For example, today I had to see a nurse. So, the RE, called his patient, saw me, and said “Oh, hi Beagle!” Then the phlebotomist came out to call her patient, saw me, and said “Oh, hi Beagle!” Then the U/S tech came out to call her next patient, and . . . . well you get the picture! I feel like a regular regular, if not a regular celebrity.

So I had my three culture swabs and then went to the special lab for the MTHFR/homocysteine test I requested. Then, lastly, I stopped in to see the financial person and paid my balance on IVF#1 (we had prepaid but not for ICSI which was not “planned”). May as well keep my account in good standing!

So, I am currently on BCP (started 3/25) and Metformin ER and if I work up the nerve this evening, Z*loft. I have decided to try the AD. Why not? Sanity is kind of nice. I start Lupron on 4/10, take my last BCP on 4/14 and then call the RE nurse with first sign of Spot or AF. Regardless of their arrival, I get a scan no later than 4/21 when I will start Follistim and Menopur and reduce Lupron dose (assuming all is well on the scan). Then the fun begins . . . you all know the routine.

This puts my ER near 5/1, which will put my Beta awfully close to my 5/13 B-day!! (This could be glorious or devastating . . . stay tuned.) I turn 38. Have I said that often enough?? DH is now 40 and not bothered at all, but I am having a freak about turning 38. Sigh. Another reason Z*loft is on the menu.

I also have an appointment with RE on 4/13 to sign consents (again) at which time I will grill him with my usual barrage of questions.

My Family doc also called to say that all my bloodwork came back normal, I don’t even know what all he did but all the usual stuff included in a physical, glucose, cholesterol, electrolytes, whatever. I went to him for the blood pressure issue, which he wants to hold off on treating. He thinks it’s stress related. (Hmmmm??) So he was more inclined to give me psych meds than antihypertensives. (Hmmmmm??) So, I am basically healthy. (The palm reader guy agrees by the way . . . more on him later . . . )

So . . . wish me luck! I can’t even believe I am submitting my poor body to this again . . . and I so admire those of you who have done this more times than you care to count. You are a brave lot! Infertiles will inherit the Earth because we are tough cookies!

8 Responses to “IVF #2: The Plan”

  1. PortLairge Says:

    Hi Beagle
    You sound very healthy. Sorry I haven’t been around for a while. My thoughts and best wishes are with you for the next cycle. I sent you an e-mail back in February and I didn’t hear back from you. I just wanted to be sure you got it. If you didn’t let me know and I’ll send it again. My e-mail name is funky so sometimes it ends up in junk mail folders. Take care and I’ll be checking in.

  2. DD Says:

    Welcome to the IVF v.II club. Are you like me where the whole business just seems to be…bleh? Especially after the high from the first one.

  3. Maya Says:

    Zoloft is starting to not sound so bad after all. 🙂 If the infertiles inherent the earth, I would like to have little ones to pass it on to 🙂

  4. MoMo Says:

    I hope everything works out for you this cycle. I think the plan sounds great and I hope that in the next few weeks, instead of all the people at the RE clinic saying “Hi Beagle”, they will be saying “congratulations Beagle”!

    By the way, your vacation sounds wonderful. I love Key West!

  5. Heather Says:

    Thanks for the comment!
    On to another cycle for you.
    I agree 3 years is to long. However, it’s the hope that this will be the last cycle that we keep doing all of this.
    Oh, and an RE’s office shouldn’t be like Cheers “where everybody knows your name”.

  6. Ornery Says:

    It is a little disconcerting when you become a regular at the clinic, but at the same time it also feels a little nice (at least for me) because I feel like they all have more of a personal investment in me. Of course, I’m probably just fooling myself!

    Good luck with IVF#2!

  7. Alexandra/Infertile Gourmet Says:

    Wishing you luck because you told me to do so 🙂 Everytime I see your blog name I start singing that song….LOL

    Seriously though good luck!

  8. sube Says:

    Stopping in to wish you luck. I’ll be right behind you with IVF#2 (scan on 4/25). Here’s hoping two’s a charm for both of us.

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