Trip Highlights

I had planned to do this in a more organized way, but my mind is not cooperating!

Here are a few highlights from our trip:

I drank one Margarita per day as promised . . . oh, and one Cuba Libre (AKA rum and coke). C. drank zero alcohol and a gallon or two of cola.

Ate lots of yummy food: Cuban, Thai, Italian and fish, lots of fish.

Soaked up as much sun as possible each day (except for that sleeping in thing).

Shagged for fun.

Watched the sunset at Mallory Square, then enjoyed street performers. My favorite was The Cat Man.

Continuing with the cat theme . . . we fed strays left over Cuban food, petted and photographed as many 6 toed cats at Hemingway’s House as possible (they’re supposed to bring you luck). The most photogenic was Charlie Chaplin.

Had my palm read by this guy. This is the actual guy, I googled his name and found this photo. He was amazing.

Caught more “luck” at the Butterfly House when a huge one landed on my foot.

Went scubadiving with a five foot shark, some barracuda and many other tamer, prettier fish.

Stayed here.

Walked about 4 miles each day which seems to have kept all the eating from making my hips (even) bigger.

Found and bought the perfect earrings to match my favorite necklace.

Bought three prints by this artist for our bedroom.

That’s about it . . . we did some more tourist things like the shipwreck museum and the conch train tour, but mainly we just kicked back and relaxed.

My brain did tend to want to rain on this parade by whirling worries around, but I did a pretty good job of sending them packing (my worries, not my brains). If I had it to do over, I would have talked C. into skipping a few more museums and used the time to do absolutely nothing in a lounge chair with umbrella drink in hand. But then I would have just prematurely aged my skin, right?

So there it is . . . I’ve never done less on a vacation and enjoyed it more! (Usually we scuba dive five out of seven days, and while that’s great in it’s own way, it’s not really very restful.)

So this vacation was a nice mix of activity and sloth!


3 Responses to “Trip Highlights”

  1. mm Says:

    You vacation sounds positively heavenly (and well deserved!). I love Key West!

  2. Donna Says:

    Sounds perfect to me!

  3. Just another Jenny Says:

    Sounds like a tiny slice of heavan. I am so jealous!

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