Another good fortune!!

In keeping with my blog title, fortune cookie follies, I thought I’d make a point of posting my fortunes more often.

Let me explain though . . . I don’t actually eat Chinese take-out that often (pretty often, mind you!) I buy fortunes cookies by the box at the grocery store in the ‘international foods’ section. Though, I suspect that fortune cookies may be one of those made for North American tastes kind of food items. But I digress . . . I just didn’t want anyone to think that my diet was so unvaried that I actually eat chicken and broccoli every day! I do supplement with chocolate Easter eggs and an occasional yogurt or piece of fresh fruit.

Today’s fortune was also rather promising: All the troubles you have will pass away very quickly. Why are these always worded so oddly? It sounds a bit like a troubling person in my life will die soon. But never mind, I will read it in a more positive context!

I met with my RE this afternoon to sign and redate my consents and review the plan. Nothing new . . . just that we hope to push for more eggs. I told him that the Palmist predicted I would be holding my baby in a year and Dr. P seemed pleased to hear it. He wondered whether we should just skip the ovulation induction meds in that case. (Funny guy!)

I take my last BCP tomorrow then the Easter bunny should bring AF (he better have chocolate too) and then the “fun” begins!


9 Responses to “Another good fortune!!”

  1. Lori Says:

    I love the fortune and palm prediction – I hope they both prove very accurate!

  2. Mary Ellen and Steve Says:

    I hope that your palmist was right! Good luck with this cycle!!

  3. MoMo Says:

    I love your fortune! I hope it comes true! I think it is a sign since you are getting the good fortune from those fortune cookies.

  4. Maya Says:

    Hopefully, your dr. will help you help your fortune come true!

  5. Ornery Says:

    Great fortunes! It sounds like this cycle is off to a very promising start. Now just make sure you consume lots of Easter chocolates when AF comes, and you should be all set!

  6. Pamplemousse Says:

    Mmm…chocolate!!! Enjoy!

  7. Maya Says:

    Holy Moly! $12K/cycle. My doctor who is pretty top notch is only $7K/cycle. I am not sure if the price is so drastically different because there are a million fertility clinics in Southern Cal., but that is a crazy difference. Hell, at that rate if women came to CA for a month and made it a vacation. It would still be cheaper.
    Anyway, here’s to hoping and praying that you next cycle works.

  8. N Says:

    Love that you read those fortunes and that they are so good!!!! (and thanks for explaining that you are in fact NOT eating chinese food every night 😀 I nearly figured that).

    Good luck with this cycle!!!

    Ha ha ha I just saw the Bunnies :-D. How funny are they? And oh so true (although I can’t really say anything to the buttache yet)

    Happy Easter to you too!!!


  9. Beth Says:

    Funny guy, your RE. I am absolutely addicted to fortune cookies and buy them as a stand alone treat as well. I am hoping that the palmist is right!

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