Weird Things


Well, I seem to have missed the entire point of this tag game! It’s six WEIRD things, is it?? Oh bother! LOL

Since #3 and #4 are not all that weird, let me revise those:

3) I cannot follow directions worth a damn
4) I have public bathroom “issues” (as in I will not use certain ones. For example, I would rather die holding it than to pee at a gas station or in an outhouse).

The others are not super weird, but I’ll leave them as is.


One Response to “Weird Things”

  1. Sarah Says:

    The toilet issue is hilarious…my husband refuses to go to any public toilet that isn’t in a 5 star hotel. Honestly, he will drive around for hours holding it until he finds a suitable throne! He almost died when we were in Thailand.

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