Can you believe . . . ?

It is currently 7:15 PM and the lab still has no results in?? For STAT bloodwork? I had my blood drawn at 7:45 AM! Honestly!

The on-call RE just called to say that the lab is late getting results today. She told me to hold off until she calls back with instructions. (Whether it’s one more dose of stimms for me or trigger tonight.)

How can the lab be THIS late? I’ve heard the staff complain that this happens fairly often, but it’s never happened to me. (Figures today would be the day).

So I am still in limbo. I don’t like limbo. It conflicts with my need to control my universe. Ha ha.


3 Responses to “Can you believe . . . ?”

  1. EJW Says:

    What?!? STAT means in an hour, not 12 hours! I hope they call soon.

  2. Chastity Says:

    Limbo is not a good place to be when you’re dealing with stuff like this…hope you hear from them soon!

  3. Lindy Says:

    Geesh! I hope you get news soon!

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