Limbo Land

Well, it’s a complete toss up between Monday and Tuesday for retrieval. Awaiting E2 now. Dr. Funnypants’ partner did the U/S today and she said she would lean towards Monday but Dr. Funnypants left her a note saying he wanted to push it an extra day to see if we can get a few more mature eggs which means Tuesday. Of course Doc Partner says we may start losing the biggest ones if we do that so it’s a toss up for her. Great.

I’m voting for Monday, but no one is asking me.

Stay tuned . . .


9 Responses to “Limbo Land”

  1. Lindy Says:

    So exciting!!! The anticipation is killing me – I can’t imagine what it’s doing to you!

  2. Ann Marie Says:

    OH I can relate to that method of thinking. It’s stressful but it IS exciting. I’ll be tuned in to get the doc’s verdict.

  3. Sarah Says:

    Very exciting! Hoping that everything goes well!! Good luck.

  4. MoMo Says:

    Wow, you are getting very close. That’s great. Keep us posted. Hugs!

  5. Lori Says:

    I remember getting frustrated when we still weren’t sure even on the morning of trigger when retrieval would be. Hopefully Monday will be the best day and you’ll be on your way to the next phase soon.

  6. EJW Says:

    Can you compromise and do it Monday night at midnight? Best of both worlds?

    Good luck, whatever they decide!

  7. soralis Says:

    Good luck. I hated waiting to find out WHEN, during my fresh cycle. I could never figure out why they just couldn’t pick a date!! 🙂

    Take care and wishing you success!!!

  8. Maya Says:

    That must stink, not knowing. I hope they get the get some good one for you.

  9. Leggy Says:

    Ugh- I know you were hoping for Monday so I hope when they call back its with some trigger news.

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