Home again

Well, I survived. (Not that I was doubting survival per se.)

They retrieved 15 eggs but two are over cooked and one probably undercooked, so if we’re really lucky they’ll be able to ICSI 12. That was just the “at first glance” report. I’ll hear an official count this evening and then a fertilization report tomorrow.

We were asked to participate in a study that I will tell you more about later. It is called pICSI* and it’s a new thing that helps select out the best sperm. More on that later.

My big news is that I have bright red urine. They pierced through the bladder (on purpose apparently) to get to the eggs on the right side. I have to drink a ton of water to make sure I don’t get clots that will clog the “plumbing” (to quote Dr. Funnypants). It feels like a bladder infection. Very annoying. It hurts to pee and feels like I have to constantly.

Has anyone every heard of this? I have not seen anyone else write about this, but RE assures me it is common. (I’m not entirely convinced, can you tell?) If I get a clot/obstruciton then I have to go to the ER for a catheter. With my luck this will happen for sure. I am drinking as much water as I can stand in hopes of avoiding this. It is rather disturbing to see a toilet bowl full of red every time I pee. The idea of having two needle holes in my bladder is rather disturbing as well.

I’ll write a better post later with an official egg count and more details on the pICIS* study thing.

I still feel like crap cold/allergy wise. But I was silly to think that this would all go smoothly! Just so long as the important stuff (like fertilization) goes smoothly, I won’t complain too loudly.

I feel totally groggy, but can’t sleep. You know that kind of “so tired you can’t sleep” feeling you get with jet lag. Like that. So I just sent C. off to the video store to get a few movies to entertain me. I love anesthesia, but I wish it would last all day!

Thanks to everyone for checking on me and wishing us well. We’ll take all the luck we can get!


6 Responses to “Home again”

  1. Lindy Says:

    12 is fantastic, Beagle! I’ve never heard of the bladder thing (though I have had lots of blood in my urine for the last couple of weeks, which no one can explain). It sounds pretty miserable. Please take care and rest and drink and drink and drink!

  2. EJW Says:

    I’m so glad you survived. Be very careful with that tricksy bladder thing, as the last thing you need is a roaring infection. Keep up the fluids!

    Good luck on the fertilization. Choosing the best sperm sounds very promising.

  3. mm Says:

    Great numbers!! Yikes, that bladder piercing thing sounds horrific… have never heard of an RE doing that. Hope you heal quickly.

  4. MoMo Says:

    Woo hoo for 12! That is fantastic. I hope you the fertilization report will just be as good.

    Sorry to hear about the bladder. It sounds painful and scary. I guess you just have to drink lots and lots of liquid to make sure that it goes away.

    Good luck and keep us posted with the fertilization report. Thinking of you!

  5. Leggy Says:

    12 is great. I’m excited to hear about this pICSI thing- tell more when you are feeling better/know more.

    Bright red urine- yuck!

    Got everything crossed for you.

  6. Just another Jenny Says:

    OMG Beagle, I was worried your ER might be as bad as (or worse then) mine. They went through the ligements in my uterus but it was my left side that was hidden (am I correct the bladder is on the right?). I have never heard of going through the bladder but I hadn’t heard of going through the uterus either. I am so sorry but glad you had a good number of eggs.

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