Nameless kitty

The poor kitty is still nameless. C. and I are not in synch when it comes to names. All my suggestions get vetoed and he just keeps repeating “Bob.” This cat just does not look like a Bob to me. I don’t think I can call him that. My favorite ideas are: Ringo (for his tail), George (as in curious), Oscar (for the Key West cat show cat) , Swiffer (because you can use him as a floor mop) and Blackjack. I also thought Jamal would be kind of funny, and Senor Gato would be cool but too awkward. C. says he can live with George or Oscar if he can’t have “Bob.”

So for now he is just “kitty” or “hey bud.”

Nina and Meg have look-a-like cats . . . what are yours named?

The other cats have surprised me in their adjustment. The mean cat took to him first, the scared-y cat is scared, and the youngest playful cat wants nothing to do with him. Sigh. So much for rationalizing that I needed to get a kitten so she would have a playmate. Our girls are named (in order as described) Maggie (13), Mischief (12) and Mollie (2). They are also all gray tigers/tabbies, Mollie has a little orange thrown in.

Enough cat talk. Thanks for all the name suggestions. I’ll have to pick one by tomorrow when I take him for a check up at the vet. Maybe the vet can name him.

In other news . . . there is none. AF arrived Saturday. Today is cd3. I start BCP’s this evening. The RE’s nurse is ordering estrogen injections for FET and mailing me a calendar of events. FET will be somewhere on or around July 18th. I am not “ready” for this, but I am forging ahead because I figure if I don’t, then come July I will regret it. The next time my clinic “cycles” is not until fall sometime. Then when the FET fails, I am not sure what’s next. Choices are: take a mortgage to throw more money in the IVF pit of doom, try donor sperm, adopt, give up and take nice vacations like those chic double income no kids type people. But, I am not sure I could find joy in that last option. So . . . we’ll see.

The mood thing still sucks. I am in a bit of a hole. I guess I’ll be patient with myself and give it some time. I have not tried my sad movie idea. Life has been busy and so I’ve been busy pasting a fake smile on. Just getting through the days saying “I’m fine.”

Sorry to all whose blogs I am behind on. I will catch up soon. I promise! I’ve read many but don’t comment because I can’t say encouraging things right now without feeling like a fake. I can say good luck . . . but for the most part I’ve temporarily lost my faith in both good and luck.


17 Responses to “Nameless kitty”

  1. Beth Says:

    Beagle, I think you are doing the right thing by shooting for the FET in July. Don’t sweat reading other blogs now – you need to focus on you and that adorable kitty. Thinking of you.

  2. N Says:

    Ours is TIGER, but NOT because he looks like a Tiger but because he was called Smokey, which I just feel is a horrible name. WE called him Tiger to honor Apples new Operative System MAC OS Tiger (which was so hip and new when we got our cat).

    What about Linus? Walter? I love love old gentlemens names for male cats…..very aristocrat. I love Oscar also. And Ringo, why not call him Beatle?

  3. Heather Says:

    FET in July sounds like a great option.

    Our cats are Meiko and Pazzo.
    Pazzo- Because he has the craziest looking feet, smallish tail, and he is a nut. Pazzo is Italian for crazy.
    Meiko- Is the friendliest, loves all people, and nicest cat I’ve ever had. We shortened the Italian word for friend (ameiko) to come up with his name.

    Can you tell my husband was taking Italian at the time we got them?

  4. daysgoby Says:

    B – My dad had a cat named Bob, and he came with very aristocratic whiskers, just like yours! Besides – Bob the Cat – how much more simple could you get than that??

    I don’t know exactly what you’re going through but it seems to me sometimes the absolute hardest bit is picking up and carrying on. It sounds like your doing that.

    Hugs from Nova Scotia.

    Heather – which kitty in the picture is which?

  5. Maya Says:

    I vote for Ringo. I love his tail. I hope the best decision just presents itself to you loud and clear.

  6. Sarah Says:

    I’m glad that you have decided to try for an FET in July. I’ll look forward to hearing your updates.

  7. Ann Marie Says:

    OHHHH I like Linus! My cat is Zeus because I have a bad habit of naming my animals after mythological figures or Roman emporers. My last cat was Cassius, but he responded only to “Kitttyyyy.”

    You’re doing well, Beagle…you’re looking ahead to the FET, which is a huge step. Are we ever ready for these things? Let me know when you’re up for that bank robbery. I’ll meet you at the corner…

  8. Leggy Says:

    I’m impressed that you can just dive right back into it, but I think you’re doing the right thing. I hope between now and then you can build up your “hope” reserves- Amanda just had a frozen cycle work for her, so who knows?

    Actually glad you are behind reading posts because I’ve been meaning to warn you that my most recent posts are kid stories.

    Good luck naming the cat. I like Linus.

    Thank you.

  9. sube Says:

    You’ve got some time between now and July to get yourself to feel ready for the FET. Don’t rush it. You’ll get there in your own time.

    Have fun with the kitty.

  10. MoMo Says:

    Beagle, I think a July FET is a good idea-and I am praying that this will be the one for you. Don’t worry about us either..we know you are thinking of us. Hugs!

    P.S. I think I like Ringo.

  11. Just another Jenny Says:

    Your “plan b” list reads almost identically to mine. I hope that you are starting to heal, I am sure the soft kitty helps a bit. Can’t wait to hear the name you choose.

  12. Sunny Jenny Says:

    I know what you mean about doing a the FET just to do it. I feel the same way. My hope died with the failed fresh cycle but I am moving on to the FET just to do it. I made a commitment to those embryos and I am going to give them a chance. By the time your FET comes around you may feel better about it. I hope I do.

  13. Alli Says:

    I love Swiffer!

    Hope you continue to heal and that you find “good and luck” again soon.

    Take care.

  14. UtRus Says:

    i hear you beagle. and sometimes, time off from the blog reading is a good thing. hey, i just posted about mental health issues – come visit me. i’ve been down in that hole with you and am working hard to not stay down in there too long. hugs

  15. the waiting line Says:

    We called our poor kitten “Jenna” for about a month. Then it finally dawned on us that there’s no reason she should be named after a porn star. So now, she’s “Halle” ‘cuz she’s a crazy bee-atch. Point is, the name will come to you sooner or later.

    All in due time.

    Hang in there honey.

  16. Meg Says:

    Beagle – Ours is Ben. Ben is kinda like Bob. I wanted a simple name, because all the names I ever gave animals as a child/teenager always dated so badly. For example, my cat was named Corey after Corey Haim, and my dog was named Whitfield after the lead singer in a poxy earlier 9os pseudo-commerical-hard-rock band called “Ugly Kid Joe”. Look after yourself. 🙂

  17. Mary Ellen and Steve Says:

    I think that an FET in July sounds like a great idea. I understand what you mean about not feeling ready to start another cycle though. That’s how I feel about our upcoming fresh cycle.

    Try not to worry about reading other blogs right now. You need to focus on taking care of you and getting ready for your FET.

    You are in my thoughts Beagle. Hugs!

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