Is it Friday Yet?

What a day! I think I just had the worst day ever at this particular job post. The entire crew (all other two of them) are away at a trade show so I am holding down the fort alone. This is normally quite nice, but today the fort fell down. All’s well now, but let me just say, I hate Fed*Ex. We gave them over $600 in shipping business today and in return they gave us $0 in customer service. No one knew which end was up. I spent over two hours trying to send two shipments. It was surreal. No a single one of the customer service reps knew how to handle the international paperwork for items having a value over $2,500 and they insisted that I call the 1-800 # to figure it out. What the f*ck?? Aren’t I the customer and aren’t you supposed to help me??? I was livid . . . then I called the 1-800# and they transferred me all over the place and still no one had answers. They advised me to get the info online. Now I don’t know about you, but I don’t carry my laptop along to ship a damn package!

I would have simply gone over to BROWN, but this was a customer request to ship on their Fed*Ex account.

Anyway, not to bore you, but this is why there was no post today. The shipping fiasco was just the cherry on my S(M)undae. The rest of the day had worked itself up to this level of ridiculousness.

A better post tomorrow! (I promise!) (I hope I can keep that promise!)


3 Responses to “Is it Friday Yet?”

  1. Meg Says:

    Beagle – People always get so self-conscious about their work whining and the other mundane details of their day. However, that’s what makes it so interesting to read other people’s blogs. Sounds like admistrative crap.. I’ve been copping it today too actually.

  2. Just another Jenny Says:

    I am sorry about the bad day. The first day back after vacation is the worst. Can’t wait to read your holiday post.

  3. Hopeful Mother Says:

    Yup, Mondays and first days back from vacation can totally suck.

    I love to hear about other people’s work whinings, so I know I am not alone!

    Looking forward to your next posts…

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