Why I stopped going in the first place . . .


I am both a believer and a skeptic when it comes to the benefits of “alternative” medicine in it’s various forms. I feel it is especially helpful when used with traditional medicine. I would not, for example, have given up IVF to try just herbs and acupuncture. And, as with all things, I think it matters to get a qualified person whose heart is in it.

That said, I am not happy with my acupuncturist. In the beginning I liked her. After reading Randine Lewis’s book, I was all optimistic about the benefits of acupuncture. There is only one acupuncturist in my area, and even she is a 30 minute drive each way. She is Chinese, trained in China, she is a she which seemed good for women’s health issues, etc. So in the beginning I thought this would be the ticket for success. But after a while I felt like it was just all about the money. In part because she initially said my treatment would consist of a set number of visits but then it dragged on forever. She was also always trying to sell a new product or another herb or supplement.

Then there was the language barrier. I am pretty good with accents and broken English, but when it comes to medical jargon that gets harder. Then were several times that she said things that indicated to me that she had no idea of where in my cycle I was and this was disturbing to me because she has already emphasized that timing was vital to treatment.

Anyway, after IVF #1 failed I gave up acupuncture and started getting massages instead. They feel better and cost less.

So this week with the whole uterine lining panic, I thought “it can’t hurt” to go see the acupuncturist. Well, as soon as I got there and she gave me a hard time about not coming for so long, I kind of regretted coming. Then I got undressed and when she came in to do the treatment, as usual she did not assess pulses, or check tongue (these are BIG in Chinese medicine). She just did the exact same needle points as she always did. Nothing personalized, nothing specific to today’s concern. Then (the straw that broke my spirit) she noted that I had gained about 10# (she is right) since I last saw her and proceeded to “sell” her herbs and treatments for weight loss, but was sure to mention that we wouldn’t do that unless this cycle didn’t work and I wasn’t pregnant. How optimistic.

I was very polite about it at the time but I went home and cried. No one wants their weight gain pointed out. I am not unaware of it. I thought that was quite unnecessary and really quite depressing.

So, I am still a fan of acupuncture but not of this practitioner. I would go elsewhere if there was another choice. She is just too much about “the sell“. She cared more about selling weight loss herbs than taking care of my fertility issues much less caring about my feelings. Not to mention that someone hoping to be pregnant in less than three weeks should NOT be dieting no matter what their weight gain. Her comments left me feeling like one fat beagle.

So that is my gripe session about my not-so-friendly acupuncturist.

I’m going back to getting a massage now and again for relaxation.


12 Responses to “Why I stopped going in the first place . . .”

  1. serenity Says:

    Ugh, I am sorry that you have had such a crap acupuncturist. I wasn’t happy with mine either, for the money I was paying for the three and a half months I went I could have bought 15 massages.

    *hugs* Don’t let her get to you.

  2. Kristi Says:

    What a completely insensitive jerk she is. I wouldn’t go back there, and instead invest your money in the massages which make you feel so much better anyway. Ugh!

  3. Ellen K. Says:

    I’ve considered acupuncture, but all the ones in this area who specialize in infertility are also chiropractors. I’ve had bad experiences with chiros in the past… they’re too big on the “sell” as you put it. I’m sorry she made you feel badly about your body. NOT what you need right now!

  4. MoMo Says:

    Beagle–this really sucks–sorry you had such a bad experience. I wouldn’t go back to her either. Go get that massage..you deserve it girl!

  5. Fertility Faux Pas Says:

    That really sucks. You should feel envigorated and enthusiastic when you leave, not crappy and pissed off. I’m really sorry this happened, but so glad that you’ve discovered how great massages are. Best of luck with your cycle…I’ve got my fingers crossed for you.

  6. Just another Jenny Says:

    I have heard a few bad experiences with accupuncture. I was lucky to find someone who really seems to understand IVF and IUI treatments. I think the massage sounds like a great idea. I hope the raspberry tea works and your lining is perfect for the transfer.

  7. Sarah Says:

    You should definately switch to someone else. I have never tried it myself, but am not against it at all. It just sounds like she is not a good match for what you need–OK, actually she sounds like an idiot who is not there to help you in any meaningful way. Dump her!

  8. Vivien Says:

    I was really interested to read about your experiences with an acupuncturist, as I have just started seeing one myself. Many of the same problems – Chinese woman, hardly intelligible, quite focused on the money . . . but she did check my pulse and tongue, so I take that as a good sign.
    I must say, from what you describe on this meeting, yours needs kicking into touch. I found the negative assumptions about your forthcoming cycle the most insensitive, I think I might have lost it with her.

    Good luck. And good vibes from the UK to make up for having to suffer bad chinese vibes.

  9. Alli Says:

    That stinks! I can’t believe she pointed out the weight gain!!!!

    Hope your massage is nice and relaxing!

  10. ellie Says:

    Yecht! I am so sorry your accupuncturist sucks- I wouldn’t go back either if I were you. Massage is a great alternative and it also increases the flow of blood and the chinese chi. I’d stick with the massage- and you may even find your massage person is familiar with pressure points- which are alot like the accup. but without the needles and the insensitve woman trying to make a buck on herbal diet stuff that you don’t need.

  11. Anonymous Says:

    Oh my g@d! Yes, sounds like she’s an idiot. In that case, I too would stick to massage. And may I say, *only* 10 pound weight gain during this crap? You rock! (I’m more like 20!). Yellowgirl

  12. zhl Says:

    Sorry your acupuncturist is crap and mean. I think like all service providers there are good ones and bad ones. I went to a highly recommended acu who also didn’t check my tongue or pulses. My three months plus of visits did nothing; in fact my IVF got cancelled.

    Currently on my third acu and really like her. I think IF is a hot new thing in acupuncture and any ol’ acu will say she does IF work.

    Massages sound like a great alternative.

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