This cycle is getting boring, even for me.

A nurse just called to say that Dr. L-T wants me to stim for one more day. Dose stays the same. (Now up to F=200, M=75 plus one ganire*lix.) I just want to get to the IUI part already. But, I admit I am being a bit impatient. Today is cd 13, so if we trigger tomorrow, that is cd 14, which puts IUI at cd 16. I guess that’s not too bad, but it’s not ideal. I was hoping for ideal. (Ya, like that has happened much!) I have no idea what my E2 is, this nurse never tells me and the call was over before I could ask. (Scowl.)

So if patience is a virtue, then I better keep working on it.

This is what my morning looks like tomorrow: Catch Oscar, put him in the dreaded cat carrier, drive poor upset kitty to vet at 7:30 am (which will take 30 minutes if I am lucky, 60 if I am not). Reassure kitty that even though I am having his favorite parts removed, I do love him, really I do. Then, rush off to the RE for 9 am appointment with the infamous blue goo slathered wand. Then . . . Rush off to work to be . . . Oh, about 90 minutes late. Squirm in my seat all day feeling v. annoyed about the blue goo and life in general.

Sigh. It’s all so much fun . . . NOT! But, I guess it could be worse. Oh, yes, it can always be worse.


2 Responses to “Yawn”

  1. Beth Says:

    Good luck catching the kitty. Ahh the blue goo that lingers all damn day; that crap sucks doesn’t it? Oh Beagle, my dear, my fingers stay perpetually crossed for you. And why oh why don’t nurses just volunteer levels? It annoyed me to always have to ask – its my blood for God’s sake! Thinking of you.

  2. sube Says:

    Keep on keeping on, my dear. Good luck with Oscar tomorrow.

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