Just a dab will do.

My RE has a new ultrasonographer! She’s a part-time hire for Wednesdays only and she uses just a smidgen of blue goo. How lucky am I?

My eggs are cooked. We have 8 or 9 altogether and my best guess is that 6 will be mature for trigger. I think that is pretty good for an IUI. I “heart” Ganire*lix. My EL = 11 and my E2 yesterday was 377. (I persist in asking.) (I am a pain that way.)

Our IUI is Friday at noon and my trigger shot is tonight at midnight. I guess we’ll have to stay up late.

Poor Oscar is being castrated this very minute. I find this to be oddly ironic. The only fertile being in my household is being sterilized today. Poor thing.


19 Responses to “Just a dab will do.”

  1. Lindy Says:

    Woo hoo for triggering!!!

  2. GLouise Says:

    Wow- those numbers sound good- better than what I delivered for an ivf!

    Poor Oscar!

  3. Heather Says:

    Alright! Great news, and triggering for IUI on Friday. Good Luck!!!

    I hope Oscar recovers nicely. I felt terrible when we had our kitties wee little bits cut off too. Now they are fat. Depression fat caused by their inability to procreate? Or depression fat because they are 2 male kitties with no females in sight?


  4. Kristi Says:

    Good luck with the triggering! I’m hoping for at least one little person to come to live with you in about 9 months. Keep us updated!

  5. Lisa Says:

    Good luck for both you and Oscar!

  6. Hopeful Mother Says:

    The blue goo is so funny – never had that myself…

    Yay for trigger! Go trigger!

    Sorry about Oscar’s “loss” – I do see the irony.

  7. Mary Ellen and Steve Says:

    It sounds like you have some great follies Beagle. I hope that your IUI goes well tomorrow

  8. Alli Says:

    Great numbers! Keeping all crossed for you on Friday.

    Hope Oscar is home relaxing by now!

  9. the waiting line Says:


    Yes, poor Oscar!

  10. LB Says:

    WooHoo! 15 minutes till trigger! Good luck!

  11. sube Says:

    So glad it all looks good for Friday … and that today’s appointment was less, um, sticky.

  12. Ellen K. Says:

    Good luck, Beagle! And good luck to Oscar; I hope his recovery is quick.

  13. MoMo Says:

    Good luck with the IUI…I will be thinking of you!

  14. serenity Says:

    Yay trigger. I will be thinking of you tomorrow… hoping very hard for you.

    And I have to confess I laughed at the irony… Poor Oscar. Hope he’s home and recovering nicely.

  15. Barely Sane Says:

    Yay for triggering! I am suprised they let you do an IUI with so many follies! That’s awesome!

    Poor Oscar!

  16. Kellie Says:

    Good luck with your IUI, Beagle!

    Hope Oscar does ok with his “fixing”.

  17. soralis Says:

    Good luck!

    Love the kitty pic!

  18. annmarie Says:

    Good luck Beagle!!!

  19. Pamplemousse Says:

    Good luck today!!

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