11.3 million

No, that is not the local state lottery jackpot number. Rather, it’s the post “wash” sperm count for our IUI. We should have a good number of eggs released as well (in theory) with 6-8 follicles. I think that’s good, but who knows. Two weeks will tell. My Beta is September 1st.

This IUI went well. It was nice to have C. there. For our previous early morning IUI’s he did his thing then I had my appointment 2 hours later, usually alone. Today, because it was scheduled for noon, we both just took the day off because we would have been so late for either of our jobs and besides, it’s Friday! So he was there for the IUI, not just to make a “contribution.”

I must be getting paranoid in my old age. I seriously had doubts whether Dr. Leaving-town actaully did an IUI (as in did he actually get through the cervix). Why you ask? Well, he was just too quick and I did not have any of that cramping when the catheter goes through the cervix. C. says I should just be glad that Dr. L-T did such a “good job” that it didn’t hurt. I sure hope so. I am getting paranoid aren’t I?? I’ve always had a nurse for the IUI’s and they usually struggled a bit to get the catheter in, it took longer and it usually caused a pinching feeling followed by several waves of cramps. Not that I like pain mind you, it’s just reassuring to feel something happening.

I must be losing my mind. I had previously scheduled a massage for this afternoon post IUI and I forgot all about it. I feel like such a shit for standing my massage therapist up and I am also disappointed because I LOVE my massages. It’s not the sort of thing I normally forget.

Does infertility cause paranoia, insanity or memory loss?

Just wondering.

In other news . . . . Oscar is doing well. He hardly misses his balls at all. I was talking with a friend of mine about our cats and she told me that when her gray cat had his leg shaved for an IV, the fur grew back white. I hope this does not happen to poor (mostly black) Oscar, because they shaved his one leg and his tiny balls. If the balls grow back white, we’ll have to change his name to snowballs or something.

Poor guy, I am having yet another chuckle at his expense.

Now, how to pass the next two weeks . . .


29 Responses to “11.3 million”

  1. Mary Ellen and Steve Says:

    I am so glad that your IUI went well! I hope that the next two weeks goes quickly and smoothly for you.

    I am glad that Oscar is doing okay and not missing his balls too much.

  2. daysgoby Says:

    Here’s to pain-free – and hoping Oscar doesn’t grow back white.

  3. Donna Says:

    Reading this post made me wince…boy do I remember all of those IUIs cramping episodes! I’m glad your hubby was there and it was pain-free. Different is good!

  4. Leggy Says:

    Been out of town so just now catching up. I really hope this IUI with new sperm washing is successful. Good luck!

  5. Maya Says:

    Sounds like the stars were aligned for this IUI. I hope it is successful for you.

  6. Kath Says:

    Dear Beagle, first of all I will answer your boldface question with a resounding “yes.”

    And I’m glad your IUI went well. As for the lack of cramps, some people are just more talented than others. It’s like the speculum — sometimes it hurts like the devil, sometimes it’s fine, depending on the skill of the wielder.

    I am keeping all my fingers crossed that it works out beautifully for you.

  7. Lut C. Says:

    Good to hear it went well. Good luck!

    Can they tell whether the special washing procedure did what was expected?

  8. Ellen K. Says:

    Good luck! I’ve never had much cramping during the IUI but the cramps always show up a few hours later. Maybe your cervix was “more open” yesterday?

    Glad that Oscar is doing well.

  9. annmarie1027 Says:

    So glad you were pain free, but so sorry you missed that massage…man, that’s terrible. Poor Oscar…but a white patch would be really cute. πŸ™‚

  10. annmarie Says:

    hey, my blogger acoount worked!

  11. Kristi Says:

    I’m so glad your IUI was painfree. Maybe you should ask hubbie to give you that massage. September 1st is only a few weeks away!

  12. sube Says:

    I have an idea for passing the 2ww — how about more massages? πŸ™‚

    Glad C could be there with you. It does make a difference, doesn’t it?

  13. UtRus Says:

    good luck Beagle πŸ™‚ and i have had the experience of the catheter not hurting AT ALL (during a HSG) so much so that until the doc let me see the dye spilling through my pipes on the xray, i would hve suspected the same thing as you – that there was no catheter up there at all! and i had nary a cramp afterwards either – so maybe sometimes it’s just like that. stay busy! hugs.

  14. StellaNova Says:

    No pain is a GOOD thing! Mine have always hurt so much that I am in agony. I hope it’s ease is an indication of more positive thingsto come. And I hope September 1 is here before you know it. Take care.

  15. Ornery Says:

    Your paranoia is completely understandable. I always had some cramping and a little spotting after my IUIs, except for the two given for my last cycle, where my cervix was apparently “extra accommodating.” Turned out to be a good thing because that’s the one that gave me the positive beta. Here’s hoping that your cervix was also being particularly accommodating this cycle!

  16. GLouise Says:

    Glad it went so well. One of the REs at my practice does the BEST IUI. It only took him seconds to complete it, as opposed to a more junior RE who took 20 MINUTES, switching catheters TWICE, causing extreme cramping.
    I think the better the RE, the faster they can do it.

  17. VanillaDreams Says:

    That’s great that your IUI went so well — virtually pain-free! I can’t imagine going through that sort of pain, I’v e always had to be put under general anesthetic for retrievals and transfers because of my narrow cervix, and my tilted uterus.

    Sorry you missed that massage though — that sucks. I love massages and haven’t gone for one in ages! Maybe someday soon…

    Good luck for this IUI, and may the 2WW pass as quickly as is possible!!


  18. serenity Says:

    SO glad to hear the IUI went well! I am hoping for you, beagle…

    and I am very glad to hear that Oscar is handling a balls-free existence well. πŸ™‚

  19. mm Says:

    Here’s hoping for a speedy two weeks and various other positive outcomes!! Good luck!!

  20. soralis Says:

    YES! (IF does cause all those things! πŸ™‚ )

    Good luck with your 2ww! Wishing you the best!

  21. Angie Says:

    I am so glad to hear that your IUI went well and that your hubby was there! I’m hoping that the “no pain” is a good sign!

  22. MoMo Says:

    Glad to hear that the IUI went well and it was painless!! We like those. Hang in there in this 2ww..it is never easy!

  23. flygirl Says:

    Maybe having no pain or cramping is a good sign? (I had none.) I’ll be keeping my fingers crossed for you!!!!

    And, yes, I believe Infertility causes all those things!

  24. Alli Says:

    So happy that the IUI went well and that it wasn’t as uncomfortable as you described it being in the past. I have had several I didn’t feel at all and only a couple that caused the cramping.

    I’ve never had my husband present! That must have been nice. I hope this is it for you!

  25. seattlegal Says:

    So glad that the IUI went well and there was no pain! My last IUI was painless while the other two had a fair bit of cramping, so I was nervous about that last one, but many have told me that it varies with them too.

    My husband wasn’t there for the first two IUIs, but he was there for the last one and I was so glad that he was!!!

  26. Heather Says:

    Good luck in the 2WW, may it speed along for you.

    Glad to hear that Oscar is doing well also.

  27. Lisa Says:

    Paranoia, insanity and memory loss? I hope it’s the infertility, because that’s what I’m blaming each time I have those things!

    Snowballs! Heheheheheee!

  28. Thalia Says:

    Sounds like a bumper crop and I’m SURE that the lack of cramping etc is a thoroughly good thing. I am bowled over by all the stuff you’ve been through in 2 weeks! Not to mention Oscar’s skunk-like appearance and recent castration. Hoping for you (and oh so sympathetic about the chances of finding a stroller-free park…)

  29. the waiting line Says:


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