Moving right along

Today’s ultrasound showed 8 follies in the 11-13 mm range. So depending on the E2 I expect to start the gani*relix tonight. I may have even have my IUI as soon as this weekend, but I’ll guess Monday if the bet is for money.

I know 8 follies sounds like a lot for an IUI. It is, isn’t it? But I am not worried. And at this point, with my history of zero pregnancies, my doctor is not worried either.

The new U/A Tech, K., said I was a “good responder”* and asked me if this was my first time doing this, I say “no” in a way that I can’t translate to the flatscreen of blogging. No, not by a long shot. Let’s see, it’s my 9th IUI, (but only the second IUI) after 2 IVF’s and one FET. But, who’s counting? She said she was not sure she could go through all this.

My disintegrating cyst has shrunk to about 14 mm, so that worry is off the list. It’s not wrecking any havoc in there.

Since things are moving right along in terms of follie growth, my next check is tomorrow. They are double booked all morning. That should be a joy. Dr. Leaving Town is doing one last IVF cycle and to quote the nurse “Everyone who has ever been a patient here suddenly wants one last try with him.” Everyone but me I guess.

I meant to be all friendly in the waiting room today. I had the best intentions, I swear. But I could not seem to make eye contact with a soul. I swear, people actually look at their shoes or bury their face in a magazine (announcing B.S.’s latest joyful birth no less)! I could have just shouted “Good Morning” and made them all look up, but I lost me nerve and stared into my own magazine instead. Oh well, so much for that idea.

Otherwise, it’s just another rainy September day in my part of the world.

*One person’s “good responder” is another person’s OHSS sufferer! Hence the gani*relix for me!


5 Responses to “Moving right along”

  1. Starfish Says:

    Fingers crossed for you. I had OHSS twice, but on the 2 IVFs, not on the IUIs (of which I’ve had 5). You are a more patient woman than I.

  2. serenity Says:

    Beagle – I know it’s hard to keep hope for yourself but I really really really REALLY want this for you. I am keeping my fingers crossed for you.

    My love to you…

  3. GLouise Says:

    I really really want this for you, too. It gets exhausting after a while, huh?

    Eight follies sounds good to me for an IUI! Thinking positive thoughts, and just said a little prayer for you too.

  4. soralis Says:

    Beagle I am with the others, I too will keep my fingers crossed.

    Take care and good luck!

  5. Heather Says:

    It all sounds good Beagle! I’m keeping my fingers crossed for you. Good luck and I really want this to work for you guys.

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