Having a panic

Today’s visit to the RE left me in a state of unease which is quickly turning into panic. My average follicle is still measuring about 14 mm and they want to trigger me tonight and do the IUI Sunday. I don’t quite get it. It seems to me we ought to do another day of stimms. I am half tempted to do a mini dose now.

I also hate that I get to frazzled to ask the right questions while I’m there (something to do with being 90 minutes late for work) and now I sit here fretting about whether they know what they are doing. Dr. Leaving-Town is gone. The remaining RE is good but does not know me as well. I think she is being too conservative. Dr. Leaving-Town gave up being conservative with me some time ago. Oh, say, maybe 6 failed cycles ago. But I am afraid his partner is worried that we will trigger too many eggs for an IUI. I need as many as I can get.

Anyway . . . what do all my Google university PhD’s think?? Will this turn out OK?? Should I give myself an extra 100iu or so of Folli*stim?? My largest follie was 18 x 12 or so and the smallest was 12 x 10. The average was about 14. Usually they trigger at 18.

God, I hate all of this. There is always some less than idea thing each and every cycle.

I could just cry.


4 Responses to “Having a panic”

  1. serenity Says:

    Beagle, I wish I had I had some assvice for you – best I can think is to call them and say exactly what you think; that you are concerned that they’re being too conservative and don’t want to trigger right now.

    But I am not sure where that will get you if they tell you to trigger anyway…

    I am sorry this has to be so hard.

  2. GLouise Says:

    Are you going to be doing another shot of stims anyway? I don’t see that it would hurt to give a smidge more.

    But–may as well call with that question. You’re certainly paying them enough money 🙂

    Wishing you a peaceful rest of your day, and that you will get a good answer to your question.

  3. Just another Jenny Says:

    It’s a hard call. I always get a little nervous swaying from the dr’s advice but you might know more about your body they he does. I wish this was easier. *hugs*

  4. Jo Says:

    Hmmm that’s a hard call. You do know your body more.. I just don’t know if you can trigger the same day as stims?
    I am guilty of self medicating by accidently(gasp)increasing the gon@l f pen by 37.5 so who am I to talk eh?

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