The waiting game

Yesterday’s IUI went well. Actually it hurt, but in my twisted logic, this was good, because I felt more reassured that the catheter was in, as opposed to last time when I fretted that I didn’t feel anything and worried that the sample somehow missed the mark. This one hit the mark. Hit it hard. I had cramps all afternoon and evening. I even had spotting. That was a first, but like I said, I was more reassured than upset.

C. and I even had an in person encounter pre-IUI. He is one of those delivery men, you know the FEDUPS guys in the cute summer shorts . . . anyway our RE is on his route this week so I got a kiss in the hallway. How’s that for happenstance? It would have been nice if he could have taken an early lunch and joined me, but he had a hellish day yesterday so we let that idea go. Anyway, that was my 9th IUI, our 12th ART procedure, I guess you could argue that I need my hand help now more than ever or you could argue that I am so calloused to this that who gives a shit about niceties like having someone there to hold your hand. I feel a little of both. I would have preferred his company, but not enough to cry about it.

So that’s that. We had 10.3 million post wash. They say that is good. Beta is October 2.

Now we wait . . . I am so tired of waiting. But what choice do I have??

Thanks for all the sweet comments yesterday. I’ll take all the luck you can throw my way!


25 Responses to “The waiting game”

  1. GLouise Says:

    Sending you all my best!!

    I can relate to the feeling of an IUI feeling “too easy.” Hope the cramping has subsided somewhat though!

  2. Lut C. Says:

    Good luck!

  3. PortLairge Says:

    Fingers crossed that it all goes well.

  4. zhl Says:

    Geez, you’ve been through a lot. Hope this one did the job.

  5. annmarie Says:

    Throwing you handfuls of luck!

  6. Leggy Says:

    Glad it went well. I try #12 is the one to finally work.

  7. Kellie Says:

    Good luck and lots of it.

  8. Bea Says:

    No choice at all on the waiting. Unfortunately.

    Hope it goes ok. No – well. I meant *really really well*.


  9. sube Says:

    Meeting in the hallway for a pre-IUI kiss. Now that’s some IF romance!

    Welcome to the 2ww. May it be speedy for both of us.

  10. soralis Says:

    Wishing you lots and lots of luck!

    Take care

  11. Ellen K. Says:

    Best of luck, Beagle!

  12. Sarah Says:

    10.3 million is great! Congrats on the smooth, albeit a bit painful, IUI. My fingers are crossed for you for Oct 2 beta!! Good luck.

  13. katty Says:

    Really Good Luck.
    And thank you for your comment too…

  14. Jessica Says:

    I have been reading your blog for awhile now…GOOD LUCK!!! 🙂

    My DH is also a UPS delivery man…he wears his shorts all year long…he’s crazy!! 😉

  15. Kristi Says:

    Good luck, Beagle! It has to be your turn now!

  16. ellie Says:

    Nice to not be in the 2 www alone 🙂
    I hope the best for you! And I will definately be checking back to see how you are passing time the next 2 weeks

  17. Alli Says:

    Ugh, I hate this part of it.

    Hoping you are feeling less cramping today and that this 2ww goes by quickly – with awesome results!

  18. StellaNova Says:

    Here’s some more luck. Hope it all goes well… and the chance meeting sounds like a great sign.

  19. Hopeful Mother Says:

    Wishing you all the best!

  20. Anonymous Says:

    Fingers crossed this is the one !

  21. Anonymous Says:

    Wishing you so much good luck!! Hope the pain has eased!

  22. serenity Says:

    I am wishing you all the luck in the world… am really hoping HARD for you, beagle…

  23. Just another Jenny Says:

    10.3 million post wash is great. We had 400 (wonder why IUI wasn’t an option?). I am sorry you feel crampy but I hope that’s a good sign. Best of luck!!!!

  24. Thalia Says:

    I know what you mean about being comforted by odd things. I hope that you’re right this time that it’s a good omen.

    Hoping for you.

  25. Angie Says:

    I’m throwing so much luck your way, I hope it doesn’t knock you over when you catch it!!! 🙂

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