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On Monday when the nurse called with the latest negative beta results I decided to schedule a follow up with the RE since Dr. Leaving-town is gone and Dr. Stick-with-it is swamped now. I figured it would take a month or so to get in wiht her, but my favorite nurse told me there was a cancellation and I could get in Wednesday (this afternoon). So today after work I went in and here’s the summary:

She thinks I should be far from giving up. She said 38 is “not that old” (I could have kissed her!) She said my FSH, etc., is all great and that she’s had some good results with the chymotrypsin IUI for our male factor problem. (The special “wash” for the male anti-sperm antibodies.) We also discussed the future possibilities of donor sperm or embryo. Both of which we would consider. She noted that while I do have an “ovulation issue” it’s not classic PCOS. (My testosterone and other hormone levels are normal). So we talked about what else we can try to regulate my cycle.

I asked a long list of questions, mainly about what more we could check on my side (since we seem to have our male factor issues figured out but still aren’t getting pregnant). We are going to redo some tests that relate to insulin resistance. My triglycerides are quite high and this can be an indicator of insulin resistance so we are going to try a “real” dose of Metformin. (I’ve been on a “it can’t hurt to try it” dose of 500mg.) We’re going to see if I can tolerate a “normal” dose of 2,000mg. If this brings my 38 day cycle down into a more “regular” range we may even be able to try unmedicated IUI’s. We’ll see. I’m still figuring on injectibles.

So the plan right now is to do cd3 blood work whenever AF shows up. Plus thyroid and glucose levels. I will start increasing my Metformin dose by 500 every 5 days until I reach 2,000. I will take this month off to see what my cycle does without all the hormone drugs (Keep in mind, I’ve been injecting hormones for coming up on three years now). I feel good about this plan. The RE was a bit shocked by the trigylceride level and seemed pretty excited that this may be “the problem.”

My weight is now up 35# since starting treatment. The RE said it’s not my imagination, it is the drugs. She said she can tell I’ve been at the gym by the fact that my “good” cholesterol number is very good. She also said that even though this weight gain is upsetting for me and not “ideal” I am one of her “skinny” patients. (I could have kissed her again!) (That really only means that many of her patients are quite obese . . . but I’ll take it!) The weight gain also supports the insulin resistance theory.

My blood pressure has been up since January or so. At that time my Family doc did some basic bloodwork including the lipids. At that time his nurse told me that my levels were borderline high and we’ll keep an eye on it. I didn’t worry about it, I had IVF to worry about. It never occurred to me to mention the cholesterol results to the family doc until she said today that she’d like to check them. I told her I had them checked and I think they might have been high. So she accesses the lab results (Both docs are in the same network). She kind of gasped. (That’s not so good, is it??)

So, while I’ve been through all this too many times to let Hope move in, I am feeling kind of hopeful that I may have a chance here . . . maybe one of these days we’ll get everything lines up jsut right and make this happen.

So, I’m officially on a break. I always hate to lose the time and all that, but honestly I am also a bit relieved. C. and I can use this time to have a little fun before the holiday stress kicks in.


11 Responses to “Back on topic”

  1. annmarie Says:

    I am loving that you got a “38 is not that old.” My doc had me over the hill at 35 and it devastated me. Anyway, enjoy this little break. Recharge those batteries. Imagine an unmedicated IUI working? That would be awesome. I’m glad they think you have a chance, and I’m glad you’ve got the endurance to plow through it — and create art at the same time.

  2. Mary Ellen and Steve Says:

    It sounds like you were able to come up with some good solid plans. Hopefully the metformin is the ticket to regulating your cycle. I can’t even imagine doing an unmedicated cycle. It sounds wonderful.

  3. Leggy Says:

    Wow- that’s really encouraging. I hope it leads somewhere. FWIW, I don’t think you look great and I wouldn’t have known you felt you needed to lose 35 pounds.

  4. Lucy Says:

    Wow, I could totally kiss that doc, too. Sounds like you learned some promising information!

  5. Bea Says:

    It’s nice to have a plan – nice to have one so early. Nice to know it’s not all over. Nice to hear you’re not old and fat! What a nice afternoon. That was a lovely post to read.


  6. Lut C. Says:

    ‘Ovulatory issues’ and not classic PCO that would be me too.
    I’m not getting metformin at all because the insulin resistance test was negative.

    PCO comes with ‘long reproductive life’, so I hope at least that part is true in our cases.

    Good luck!

  7. Leggy Says:

    OMG- I am SOOO embarrassed. I meant to say “you look great” or at the very least “I don’t think you look awful.” I’m SOOOO sorry.

  8. Starfish Says:

    I wish you luck during this next phase. While I agree that 38 is not old (especially because I’m 37) just keep in mind that if you do have to go through adoption, there are sometimes age restrictions. I know everyone is different (and I respect everyone’s decisions) but I was sorry I waited this long to start adoption.

  9. Just another Jenny Says:

    It does sound encouraging that your doctor is so supportive and helping you with different options. I am so sorry that you’ve had to go through another negative.

  10. Beagle Says:

    No worries Leggy, I was pretty certain I knew what you meant! It actually made me laugh!

  11. GLouise Says:

    I am glad you had an encouraging update from your RE!

    I’ve been on the “met” for about two months now, still on a “baby” dose of 750 mg a day, and have not been able to work up to the 1500 dose yet. Best wishes, dear Beagle!

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