Well, my week of leisure is officially over and now I have to switch gears, full tilt. The rest of my office is away for the next three weeks so I am alone at the helm (I rather like this). It mostly has it’s up sides. The down sides as I see them are that this busy time always corresponds to my pre-show frenzy, and as of yesterday I am also hampered by a bum ankle. I sprained it yesterday and I am now sitting here at my desk with my leg propped on a spare chair and an ice pace over my ace wrap. This is the third sprain for this poor ankle. Luckily this time I can walk without crutches albeit walk like a little old lady!

So, as I sit here catching up on a few blog posts before my day gets into full swing, I decide I might want to write my own post, but about what?? Then my faithful nurse D. calls from the RE’s with my latest cd3 results.

E2 46 (anything under 100 is good)
FSH 4.1 (anything under 10 is good)
Prolactin 8.6 (will have to look this one up, but was “normal”)
TSH 1.8 (Also normal)
Inhibin B 25 (15-200 is normal . . . this is another test for ovarian aging.)

So, basically for an old bat of 38 with a bum leg, we have every reason to believe that I have youthful ovaries.

This would be great if it weren’t that October 2006 marks exactly 3 years of failed trying, 2.5 of those years with medical “help.”

On the Metformin front, I am up to 3 pills (that is 1500) and while I don’t feel great or exactly myself, it is manageable. Wednesday I will try for 4 pills and see what that brings. That will be a full dose. Then we wait and see how long this cycle turns out to be and decide whether to do another IUI with or without drugs.

Apparently, Hope is immortal, because she won’t die. I am actually imagining in my wildly optimistic moments that maybe we ought to make sure to have plenty of hay rolling in case . . . . you know we just get pregnant on our own, shit sperm be damned!

In the meantime I will be busy at work by day and busy in my studio at night making pots. That should keep me out of trouble until mid-November or so.


18 Responses to “Miscellaneous”

  1. MoMo Says:

    I hope the ankle heals soon! I would love being alone in the office…no one to bother you. I hope it is not so hectic. I agree about hope–I always wanted it to go away, but that little voice is always there. Hang in there.

  2. One Mother's Journey Says:

    I’m glad you’re doing better on the Met. I have to start all over again as I had to go off last week when I had the flu… not looking forward to it. I suppose on the bright side at least constipation isn’t ever going to be a problem. LOL

    Take care.

  3. Thalia Says:

    Your ovaries sound like they are in great shape. Did they do your LH to see if it is higher than the FSH (indicative of PCOS)? Or are we past that already with the metformin?

    Hoping the metformin is a miracle for you.

  4. Leggy Says:

    Oy- sorry about the ankle. Great stats- too bad they haven’t done jacksh*t in helping you get pregnant yet (I say this as someone with the same kinds of issues, so I hope that isn’t offensive. You know what I mean, right?)
    I really hope this cycle does the trick. Maybe after all this messing around, they’ve finally got the right combination of everything.

  5. Beagle Says:

    To answer Thalia’s question: No LH this time (I assumed it wouldn’t be relevant while on the met.) My bloodwork has never indicated PCOS, just my ovaries to by the way they react to the stimms. So if I’ve got this right, they don’t consider me PCOS, they consider me insulin resistant which is similar but not the same.

    (So, the short answer is I really don’t have a clue what they consider me to be at this point! I don’t have PCOS but my ovaries act like they do, so what is THAT called??)

    To answer Leggy’s question, yes, I do know what you mean and I think that very thing at least weekly.

    Great, I’ve got great stats, so where’s my baby already??

  6. Anonymous Says:

    Glad the Met isn’t too awful. That’s so great about your ovaries, too! Bring on conception – how ever it has to happen!

  7. Starfish Says:

    Well, things could be worse, so I guess you just have to hang in there for now. Sorry about the ankle, I seem to do that alot too.

  8. Kristi Says:

    38 is not old, and those numbers are fantastic. I hope your poor ankle heals soon and that you hang on to your hope. Your turn is coming. I just know it.

  9. steph Says:

    Oh, the old HOPE monster. Lives in all of us you know.
    Sounds like you’ve got yourself a nice case of unexplainable IF!! Well, other then the sperm part. Don’t we all have the moments of though wondering why is nothing happening if nothing’s wrong?? Frustrating. That’s when the HOPE monster rears it’s ugly head again!~

  10. Lut C. Says:

    PCOS is a label they stick on a lot of women. My blood levels are pretty normal, no insulin resistence only slightly irregular cycles, no cysts (so far). The label PCOS has been stuck on, but no metformin because no insulin resistence. Fine, whatever.

    Take good care of yourself. ๐Ÿ™‚

  11. soralis Says:

    Ouch! Hope the ankle heals quickly! Glad to hear all your levels were good!

    Take care

  12. Anonymous Says:

    Ooh… hobbling. Hope it heals soon.

    So… with the PCOS/not PCOS thing… what sort of reaction is considered PCOS-type? Out of interest.

    And also… hurrah for small victories? Or should that be fuck small victories, wake me if we win the war?


  13. Kellie Says:

    Hope the ankle gets better soon.

    Glad your numbers were good. Good luck with your next step.

  14. Sarah Says:

    Sounds like the numbers are all great! I don’t know anything about Metformin, but I hope that it does what it is supposed to! Take care.

  15. Mary Ellen and Steve Says:

    I am sorry to hear about the ankle. I hope that it heals soon. Your hormone levels sound great!

  16. the waiting line Says:

    I envy you . . . still imaginine hay rolling – you go girl!! ๐Ÿ™‚

  17. sube Says:

    Good to hear the ovaries are in good shape. Whatever you decide to do next, at least that’s one less thing to worry about.

    Have fun making pots!

  18. Anonymous Says:

    FSH = 4.1 that is effing awesome!

    I love it when everyone is out of the office, means I can actually get work done while I browse the blogs without anyone sneaking up behind and looking at my monitor!

    Take care of that ankle.

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