the post with no name

First and foremost, Maggie is home. She’s doing well, all things considered. She is in renal failure. This is not going to get better. It will get worse. But for right now she is doing better than we had expected to hear. They will put her on pills to improve renal perfusion and a special diet to reduce the work her kidneys have to do. Subcutaneous fluids would be very helpful, and we may give that a try, but she is not the kind of cat who will stand still for twice daily injections. We’ll see. So the bad news is that she is dying. The good news is that she seems comfortable and happy right now and we may get to enjoy her company longer than what we had expected. Her kidney’s are not as far gone as we had feared. She may make it to fifteen, that would be great. So, Mags, welcome home.

Why then is this the post with no name?

Well, even my trip to the vets and my worry for Maggie could not distract me from the thoughts of an infertile. Why? Well, the family from hell was there at the same time. No, not pregnant bellies to taunt me (I don’t have pg belly issues anyway) no sweet babies to make me yearn. No, this was the other end of the unfairness spectrum. This was about people who don’t deserve to be parents.

I arrive to pick up my kitty. Outside the entrance there was a man beating his 3-4 year old’s bottom and swearing at the child. I’m not quite sure how I feel about spanking. A disciplinary swat is one thing, but wailing on your kids behind because you are frustrated is quite another. I enter the lobby in a state of shock to see a mother with an equally unruly girl child maybe 6 years old or so. Then the father and son come inside and lo and behold they all belong together. The father heads down the hall for some reason, the boy proceeds to beat the sister and kick the mother. The mother barely reacts. The whole waiting room shifts uncomfortably and people throw furtive glances around the room. Every pet in the building is better behaved than these children. The boy drags the sister around the waiting room floor (Which at a vets is not the most sanitary surface) and continues to pound on the sister with his fists. The mother fusses about a cat in a carrier barely reacting to the kids. Once in a while without even looking up she says halfheartedly “now cut that out” . . . eventually the mother picks up the boy and rough plays with him (to distract him? Hell if I know the objective here, no scolding involved) and turns him upside-down and tickles him. He proceeds to vomit large amounts of what may have been mac and cheese. And I mean a LARGE amount. No child that age should have that much food in their stomach at one time. Now the mother and sister scurry to clean up the mess. Meanwhile the father returns and swears loudly. The whole waiting room is horrified, but no one says a thing. The mother keeps telling the sister to look after the cat (who is in a locked cat carrier in no need of supervision). The boy continues to dance and twirl occasionally punching the sister. The boy starts to gag again. The dad tells him to go to the bathroom. Boy runs past me and vomits another shockingly large amount within one inch of my feet. (Luckily I was wearing crocs.) I begin to gag myself and move across the room. The father starts wiping up vomit pile #2. No apology, no embarrassment, just muttered curses. Both the kids were obese. The volume of stomach contents was horrifying. The behavior and lack of parenting skills was even more horrifying.

I wait in a state of disbelief, finally get my Maggie and leave. More-stupid-than-rocks family leaves seconds before me. They pull out of parking lot before me, I am behind them all the way down the country road until we reach “civilization.” At the first intersection they pull into Wendy’s drive thru. Honest to God.

Some people do not deserve to have children.

And given this injustice, please don’t let your kids vomit on my shoes.

I hope today is uneventful in every sense of the word.


13 Responses to “the post with no name”

  1. Anonymous Says:

    OMG, Beagle, what a nightmare. I hate bearing witness to stuff like that.

    On the same page, I hate it when people bring their kids to the vet. Only becuase the vet visit is usually just a long wait followed by ten minutes of interaction followed by another wait. Why would you bring your kids there? As far as I know, most kids don’t like to wait.

    My worst story about out of control kids was at a Pizza Hut. Not the full restaurant, the pick up place. These kids were very obese and I kid you not mom bought them each their own pizza. She told the guy at the counter it was just easier than hearing them complain about not liking the chosen the pizza. Huh? How about a 1/2 and 1/2 pizza. It scares me how some parents allow their kids to eat. Of course, these are usually the parents who didn’t really want to become parents in the first place…you know the parents of “accident” children.

  2. DD Says:

    How much you want to bet, MoreStupidThanRocks Mom was pregnant?

  3. Ellen K. Says:

    I’m so sorry about your cat.

    Just reading about that family made me angry; I can’t even imagine being there. !@#^$

  4. Starfish Says:

    OMG how freaking awful. Where were the vet people? They should have all been banished outside after the first vomit incident.

    I love when people bring their kids to the RE’s office. At one visit a kid spilled milk from a bowl of cereal down my leg. I was so angry!!

  5. Heather Says:

    That is so completely horrible. I definitely would have gotten sick. UGH.

    I am so glad that Maggie has more time with you!

  6. GLouise Says:

    What a day!!! I feel a little queasy just hearing about it!

  7. Barely Sane Says:

    Good grief. I give you huge points for not saying anything – I’m not sure I would’ve kept my mouth shut. And I KNOW my DH would not have sat by.

    It really is amazing and yet so sad. So very sad. I sure hope they dont reproduce any more!!

  8. serenity Says:

    O.M.G. Ho-ly sh*t – that is unbelievable.

    And so angry. SO angry that people like that can procreate.


    I am so sorry about your kitty. 😦

  9. Anonymous Says:

    Oh, and did they also complain that they shouldn’t have to pay for vet bills because they have three children under three? (As recently heard at our vet clinic.) Sure – I’m infertile so I’d be happy to subsidise you, poor thing.

    But I’m glad your kitty is doing ok, for now.


  10. Mary Ellen and Steve Says:

    That’s horrible Beagle. People like that shouldn’t be allowed to procreate.

  11. Lut C. Says:

    Salt in the wound. Well, in this case the salt is on a super-size fries. :-/

  12. Anonymous Says:

    I am so sorry about your kitty. I just recently lost my beloved doggy to renal failure and I was heartbroken. I’m glad you have more time with her though, I’m sure you’ll make the most of it.

    Oh and I would have said something to those morons, I know I would have. Congrats on holding your tongue – you are better than I would have been! 🙂

  13. steph Says:

    I wish I had been there with my CPS badge! It’s amazing how people’s parenting skills improve with paranoia!
    But that is sad. Hey, welcome to my world on a daily basis )0:
    Sounds like your kitty will get to live out her days with love. Know it’s just a consolation prize, as it would be better if she was healthy. I feel for you~

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