you can run, but you can’t hide!

Well, here we are, the much fussed about Christmas holiday has come and gone already.

I have to say, my actual Christmas was just plain wonderful. I highly recommend running away from home for the holidays (if you can). C@pe May was beautiful and we even had nice weather. We went for an evening carriage ride to see all the old Victorian homes decked out in their holiday best. We ate several very yummy meals at some favorite restaurants. We slept in, lazed around, window shopped, ate, lazed around some more. We went to a local church service to sing some carols and reflect on things**. We climbed the 199 steps to the top of the lighthouse for one amazing view (we had it all to ourselves which was extra sweet!) We also walked on the beach looking for sea glass and shells. On Christmas day, my parents joined us for an amazing dinner at the Blue Pig T@vern at Congress H@ll.

All in all it was a relaxing and stress free holiday weekend!

So why the ominous post title? Well, the worst is yet to come. I knew this in advance, but I kind of ignored the fact that while I can run away for the actual holiday, I can’t really get away with skipping the family kid related thing. It still looms ahead. This Saturday we go to the big family shindig with kids everywhere and one very annoying SIL***. But, it’s just one day, right? Surely I can endure that?? I plan to employ the help of a bit of vodka in my cranberry juice as a means of buffering the painful bits.

And to counteract the negative, we have some fun planned for Sunday, New Year’s Eve. We’ll have some child free friends over for drinks, good eats and frivolity.

In hindsight, I would have been better off not dreading this whole thing for three weeks in advance. Not because my fears weren’t real and valid, but because prolonging the pain, only results in . . . well, MORE pain.

I can’t change the fact that I am not a Mom yet. I can’t change the fact that I (like most people) have an annoying relative or three. But I can make an effort not to drive myself crazy for weeks ahead of time. But, hindsight always makes life look more manageable!

**(my only complaint was here: I never realized how many times the words: virgin, womb, birth, baby, etc. would be mentioned in a Christmas service. I lost count but between the carols and the sermon I was all birth vocabulary’d out!)

***Truth be told, I don’t mind the kids, not really. It does make me sad to be around what I don’t have in some ways, but I also enjoy being with them. It’s the endless kid talk by the parents that really does me in. And worse yet, the “martyr mommy” stuff and the “you’re so lucky to have your freedom Auntie Beagle” stuff. That may sound awful. But you have not met my SIL! No one can make it all about her like she can!


16 Responses to “you can run, but you can’t hide!”

  1. My Reality Says:

    I am glad you enjoyed Christmas. Next year, I think I might just run away myself.

    I hate people who make everything about them. I have a few of those in my family too.

  2. steph Says:

    Sounds like a great get away!! I also noticed all the baby references and such this year. I remember hearing about Jesus – DUH. But never so much Baby Jesus. The BABY this and that. Good thing I opted to stay away from most things and partied at my own house. Amazing how much better it is when you’re on your own turf. Oh, and then there’s the wine (0:

  3. DD Says:

    You are so right. It is not the babies I mind – it’s the freaks who birthed them. My cheeks get red just thinking about how stupid I must have been.

    Why can’t we have a IF-Xmas next year and plan some gatherings?

  4. ak1908 Says:

    Hi Beagle,
    I’m glad that you had a great holiday. It sounds VERY similar to what DH and I did. Ate, slept, ate again, slept again and made ourselves merry. This was the first Christmas in five years that we didn’t travel to see family and gee did it feel great.

    We are in the same boat in terms of the male IF factor, being products of oopsie pgs (mom had me at 16) and sucky betas (47, 256, 500, m/c). I too was one of the most diligent birth controllers in the modern world. Denial is sometimes healthy- as long as we don’t allow ourselves to get stuck there.

    I would love to keep reading your blog when you go pass protected (I read your comment on D’s blog). I just went pass protected about two weeks ago. Email me at knox1908 AT hotmail DOT com if you’d like to read my bloggie. I think you’ve stopped over a few times in the past.

    Best wishes with the family. My SIL is on her second “oopsie” pg and she drives me bonkers too!!!

  5. Lut Says:

    The parents are more difficult than the kids themselves. All the things they get to do wrong, which of course DH and I wouldn’t ** snort **.

  6. runergirl Says:

    I think we all know someone like you SIL and honestly they suck!!!! Even if she didn’t have kids she would still be annoying. good luck and lots of vodka.

  7. Barely Sane Says:

    Glad to hear you had a nice Christmas. It sounds wonderful!

    Hopefully the family event wont be too bad.

  8. the waiting line Says:

    What a great get away!! If only we could skip the annoying relatives and leave it at that! I won’t go into the details but my family drives me nuts too – and worse yet, I start obsessing about it in October (in anticipation of Thanksgiving and X-mas). Thank goodness we’re about to wrap the holiday-stuff up soon.

    Happy New Year to you!

  9. Josie Says:

    Yeah, it is the parents that suck more than the children.

    I am glad you have child free plans for New Year’s – I am hoping ares are also childfree, but you never know people these days. Some of our friends are into the attachment parenting and the children don’t leave their side. They don’t get it that if the child has to come and it is not appropriate for them to be there the parent should also probably not come.

    I hope 2007 is better!

  10. Bea Says:

    Yep, it’s the parents. If someone dropped their kids off at my house and disappeared off somewhere until the visit was over I’d be ok that whole time.

    Good luck with your delaying-the-inevitable holiday get-together. I’m glad you enjoyed Christmas.


  11. Shop Girl Says:

    Wonderful to hear that you enjoyed your time away. Sounds like it was a great time to rejuvenate a bit and spend quality time with C. Hope you fare ok with the big event and have a great New Year’s Eve!

  12. MoMo Says:

    It sounds like you had a fantastic Christmas!! It sounds so relaxing and wonderful. And yes, I agree with you, it is the parents sometimes…I hope I don’t end up doing the same thing! Have a great New Year!!

  13. annmarie Says:

    happy new year, Beagle. I truly wish you the best in 2007. You deserve it.

  14. UtRus Says:

    what a realxing time you had – sounds awesome. hey, i want to be included in the passwd-protected site, too, so utRus AT hotmail DOT com

    I have been reading you for over a year and dont’ want to miss your 2007. hugs

  15. Mary Ellen and Steve Says:

    I am glad that you had a good Christmas. I wish that I could convince DH to do something other than go visit family.

    Your SIL sounds like a pain in the a$$. I hope that your family get together wasn’t too terrible.

    Happy New Year!

  16. serenity Says:

    A Christmas Day dinner at a place called the Blue Pig Tavern sounds HEAVENLY. 🙂

    And I wonder – is your SIL related to my mother?

    Glad to hear you had a good Christmas holiday, and hope your New Year’s celebration was a good one as well!

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