More drama / trauma in the Beagle household

Well, we earned ourselves another emergency trip to the vet’s office today. My poor sweet baby Molly was up for a turn this time. She’s our wild child. She loves to be outdoors. She really has a lot of tomcat qualities but she’s actually a spayed girl kitty. Well last evening she was in and out several times as is our habit. At bedtime, I said to C., I think Molly is still outside. He said, no, she’s down in the spare bedroom sleeping. OK. I didn’t think any more of it. She’s not one to sleep with us so that wasn’t out of the ordinary.

Well, she was not in the spare room at all, she was outside all night. To top off this faux pas, C. was the one that let her in this morning before I was even up and decided not to tell me because I would “get upset.” So when I noticed that she seemed a bit lethargic and not like herself (begging to go out again before I have to leave the house), I called C. to ask if she’s been out already. Well yes, he confesses, she was out all night actually. So I take a closer look at her and discover a gash on her sweet little head. Gashes are rather hard to notice through fur. I actually clued in to this because her fur seemed wet when I stroked her head. Poor thing. She also has a limp. So off we go to the vet, yet again. They must love us there.

Needless to say I am kicking myself for not doing the headcount myself. (One would think one could take the husband’s word though? No?) I am mad at C. for A) leading me astray on her whereabouts which led to leaving the poor cat outside all night and B) lying by omission this morning so as not to upset me which now has really upset me!

We live in the woods far away from traffic and the usual human dangers to a cat. We do have critters in the woods but most need to fear the cat not the other way around. At night however the raccoons come out and they are large enough to injure a cat. We don’t leave our cats out much past dark to avoid the chance of this sort of thing. I ramble on a bit about this part because a lot of animal lovers would deem me evil for letting my cats outdoors at all.)

Poor Molly. I cringe to think of her getting attacked my something out there and then being locked out until morning. She is not one to meow at the door. She just sits patiently until someone lets her in. Typically I call her in and she comes right away. Sadly I did not call her because I thought she was asleep indoors already. But no, she was not cozy and curled up on a fluffy bed. She was outside, wounded, hurt and scared.

I feel like such a shitty “mom” today.

edited to add:

it turns out that this had nothing to do with her night outdoors. She had an abscess that burst and that abscess had been brewing for some time from a previous puncture of some sort either roughing around with Oscar or a chipmunk or whatever. It still pains me that I did not notice this somehow, but the vet says you can’t really , not with all that fur.

So now Molly has a shaved spot on her head (kind of a reverse Mohawk) about 4 inches wide from between her ears to down her forehead. In the middle of this is an ugly draining wound (not to mention stinky). She’s on antibiotics and pain meds.

We are keeping the vet in business.

Oh, and “Aunt Flo” arrived in the middle of all this drama, so now I am back in should we cycle again mode?? The answer? Yes. Ultrasound Saturday morning, Follistim Saturday night and the fun begins again. Why, oh why, oh why??


6 Responses to “More drama / trauma in the Beagle household”

  1. Shop Girl Says:

    Sorry to hear about all the chaos with your kitty, but at least she’s ok. Our dog has sent us to the emergency pet clinic many a time as well. Ah, pets and the people who love them!

    I’m sorry to hear about AF.

  2. Lut Says:

    Poor kitty!

  3. Hopeful Mother Says:

    I’m sorry about the trouble with Molly – but don’t beat yourself up about it. I hope she will recover nicely!

    Let the cycle fun begin again…! Still rooting for you, even though I can relate to your feelings of being “left behind.”

  4. OHN Says:

    We have 2 kitties..both inside cats but one is a little Houdini and makes a dash for the door whenever it is open too long. It broke my heart one morning when I went to the kitchen and saw him dripping wet sitting quietly outside the back door…he had been out all night and none of us knew…it made me feel terrible.

  5. Bea Says:

    Ah! Glad your cat adventures turned out ok. As always, good luck for this cycle.


  6. My Reality Says:

    I hope she is on the mend and back to her old self soon.

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