IUI Tomorrow

Saturday I had another follie check and things had changed dramatically from Thursday. All of a sudden my ovaries came to life. I had one mature and 2-4 potentials. Now we all hate to go through all this for “just” one follicle so the decision was made to do one more day of stimms, trigger Sunday and IUI Tuesday. I’m not getting another U/S (though I would have liked one yesterday, they only do Sundays if they really really have to). So, I will never know how many are mature enough to be counted. But in theory we have maybe three. But it’s anyone’s guess. That 20mm from Saturday could be overcooked by now and anywhere from 0-4 of the laggers could have caught up. I’m just keeping the number three in my head because I like that scenario best. And if one or preferably two of those could turn into embruos and “stick” and then stick around for 9 months, that of course would be the ultimate gaol here!

Am I feeling positive yet? No, not really. My gloom had receded somewhat and I expect that tomorrow I may even experience a burst of optimism if the sperm numbers are good. Then about 3-4 days into the 2ww, I will be either crazy or depressed or both again. So goes the cycle.

My beta should be January 30, a Tuesday, which could be tough. While Friday betas ruin your weekend, at least they don’t have you choking back tears at the office all day! We’ll see.

Maybe there won’t be tears this time. Or maybe tears of joy. I could go with that. Order me up some tears of joy please!


12 Responses to “IUI Tomorrow”

  1. Erin Says:

    I’ll be thinking of you.

  2. serenity Says:

    Please please please please PLEASE let this be the one where you have tears of joy.

    Beagle, I am hoping for you.

  3. Kath Says:

    Dear Beagle, my order is in.

    Best of luck tomorrow. May everything, everything work out this time.

  4. Baby Blues Says:

    I know what you mean. I’m trying so hard not to let my emotions get me too excited, too hopeful or too happy. Because I know I might end up crushed.
    Best of luck on this cycle. I hope we could share tears of joy soon!

  5. Lori Says:

    I certainly hope it’s tears of joy from here on out. Good luck!

  6. Larisa Says:

    Good luck, and hopefully, hopefully, tears of joy.

  7. Margo Says:

    I am right there with you Beagle. My IUI was today so it looks like we will be enduring this 2ww together.

    I am hoping for tears of joy for both of us!

  8. Lisa Says:

    I’m hoping for whooping with glee on the 30th!

  9. My Reality Says:

    Crossing it all for you Beagle.

  10. Barely Sane Says:

    Everything crossed for you Beagle!!

  11. Bea Says:

    I’m sending your tears of joy order through to the kitchen now.


  12. Hopeful Mother Says:

    I have also placed an order for the “tears of joy” plate in the kitchen… I want to share those with you!

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