Sisterhood of the traveling book

Have you read or seen the book/movie Sisterhood of the traveling pants?

It’s a cute story of four girls/women who find the elusive perfect pair of jeans in a thrift store and even though they are quite different builds the jeans fit each of them in the most flattering way. So they decide to share the pants. When they all go their separate ways, they send the pants (and a journal I think, which is essentially the book) to each other at agreed upon time intervals.

Well here’s my idea. We are already a sisterhood. Let’s have a traveling book!

I did buy the book with this catchy title . I’m no talent when it comes to book reviews but here is my general sense: It’s a very fast read, only 72 pages, doubles spaced (no, I’m not kidding!) The writing is not of an award winning caliber. We can read IF stories that are well written, right here on the Internet, for free! So, I guess I would not recommend this book in terms of value or in terms of literary achievement. But it does cut to the chase of life as an infertile. I like that she’s angry and that she feels free to say so. (I am not as free with expressing my own anger). I identified with much of what she said, though not all. But it was a quick and cathartic read.

So my plan would be this: We could pass the book around. I know there is an issue of anonymity no one is more paranoid than me, but many of you have already exchanged personal identities through your holiday card exchange, IF meet-ups etc. With the traveling book we would only have to expose ourselves to the person we are sending it to. That’s only one “outing”. Even I can handle that! I thought we could all sign inside the book with real or screen name, part of the world we live in and the date book was received and short comment (optional). We’d read it, review it on our blog to whatever extent we like and pass it on to the next blogger. It is up to each recipient to recruit and choose the next recipient. It would also be fun to pay it forward or backward with a small gift to the person who sent it to you or the person who will get it next or both. A little handmade trinket, or whatever.

We can also add a sort of “where in the world” element where I can post the book’s whereabouts as it makes it’s rounds. As each person receives the book they can e-mail me it’s whereabouts.

So does anyone like this idea enough for me to set it in motion? If so I will set up “rules” and get this book in the mail to lucky recipient #1!

This could be secret blog pal meets international lending library**.

I think including bloggers on all continents is feasible because this book is skinny and light enough to be mailed anywhere fairly cheaply.

So who’s game??

My one reservation is this: is it unfair to (potentially) decrease the author’s sales by sending this book around to possibly every woman in the blogosphere who might have bought it? Is this any different than the public library lending it out? (Which, by the way, will not be carrying this book any time soon!)



16 Responses to “Sisterhood of the traveling book”

  1. Heather Says:

    I’m in!

  2. Margo Says:

    I love it! Great idea Beagle!

  3. Starfish Says:

    I’m in , but I can’t see the book we’re talking about – the link isn’t working for me!

  4. grifton66 Says:

    What a great idea, Beagle. Count me in…

  5. DD Says:

    I’m all for it. I’m guessing you are talking about the “Hey I’m pregnant, Bite Me” (or something like that) book.

    My anonymity is for my blog. Not for my fellow bloggers. Does that make sense?

  6. GLouise Says:

    I love this idea!

    I think if we all put in a little plug for the book on our blogs, the author would be grateful. And I don’t think this is something that thousands of people/potential customers will be doing, so I don’t think we should feel like we are cheating her of book sales.

    And I especially LOVE the idea of signing with our screen names.

    count me in!!!

  7. Hopeful Mother Says:

    I love that movie “Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants.” Great idea!

  8. My Reality Says:

    I love the idea! Count me in.

    As far as your reservations about us not buying the book, think of it as a marketing campaign. Most of us would have never heard of the book at all, by doing this, you have gotten the word out to so many of us. We may then mention the book to others and so on. Really, I think it would only increase the author’s sales. In fact, it could work so well you would deserve a cut of the profit!

    I am also only anon on my blog, I don’t care if fellow bloggers know my name or identity.

  9. Bea Says:

    Love the idea! Love the signing with our (blog) names. Everyone could list their blog names and country of residence online and then the book could tour the world country by country!

    Hey! I bet I can find one of those little Aussie or Singapore stickers a-la the travelling suitcase! That would be ok, right, I mean we are defacing it with our signatures already?

    When can we advertise the idea on our blogs?


  10. Baby Blues Says:

    I love it! Count me in. But I’m way out here in the Philippines.

    Bea, once you get it, just pass it over from Singapore!

  11. Thalia Says:

    I’m in, particularly if someone tells me what book it is!

  12. serenity Says:

    I like the idea. And personally, if I liked the book that much, I would totally buy it myself, just so I had a copy.

    So yeah. Count me in!

  13. Erin Says:

    Sounds like fun…can I join?

  14. Shop Girl Says:

    What a fun idea! Count me in.

  15. aah0424 Says:

    How do we get on the list??

  16. Lara Says:

    What a great idea! I think its a tremendous way for us to link up and feel like we’re not alone! How do I get on the list???

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