Cycle Update

There’s not much to say. NBHHY. I am just 7dpiui and I had a progesterone check this morning which I have not heard back about, but fool that I am I choose PIO over suppositories so “normally” the level is fine.

As for how I am feeling: Well, Saturday was a wonderful day in the city at the home show, the sailing show, and dim sum for lunch.

Sunday I cried most of the day.

I also read the fine print on our adoption agency application and they require you to swear on your life (or at least sign that you agree with penalty of losing your money) that you have finished and ceased all IF treatment. So it appears that my grande plan of tackling this on all fronts is on hold. Unless I find another agency which right now I am not feeling up to doing.

Oh fuck, fuck, fuck.

But, otherwise I am fine, just fine. How are you? (Fake beagle smile plastered on for all I’m worth!)

Now I’m off to the dentist. That should be fun. At least they can polish my fake smile. With my luck I’ll find out I need a root canal.

As for the new blog, cats in the cradle: I’ve fucked it up and I think I may just delete it and start all over. Or just give up on the idea. I was determined to have a cool new template but I am just too worn out to put much effort into this. So stick with me here for a while. If I get my act together, you’ll get a new invite. If not, then . . . well . . . you won’t!

Edited to add: Progesterone is 22.3 I think that’s OK but not stellar.


6 Responses to “Cycle Update”

  1. Kath Says:

    Dear Beagle, I’m so sorry to hear you’ve been so low, and that your plans for tackling this on two fronts are being thwarted.

    Your progesterone sounds fine. I am wishing you so much luck…

  2. DD Says:

    Unfortunately, the Pregnancy Clause sounds like it’s pretty standard across the board. I had horribly mixed feelings about it, but now that the point is moot (since we won’t be adopting), I think I would have signed it, but kept trying anyway. If the only thing I had to lose was money, but I could gain a pregnancy and a referral, well then dammit, I was going to go for it.

  3. Thalia Says:

    Oh it just drags, this second week. As Kath said, the progesterone looks fine, it’s just fingers crossed. And please don’t plaster on a smile on our account!

  4. Margo Says:

    The second week takes forever. Hang in there.

  5. Bea Says:

    Progesterone is normal, though – fake smile looking pretty good (I can see you’ve had practice!). Hope you can make it through the second week of the 2ww.


  6. GLouise Says:

    Sorry to hear you’ve been low.

    Thinking of you!

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