Is bitchiness an early pregnancy symptom?

Oh fuck, I hate it when that little light glows “check engine” I just hope it’s something minor. There’s not much cash in checking this month.

(Luckily my body doesn’t have a check engine light because it would be a flashing neon billboard right about now.)

Updated to add: It’s going to cost about $600 which in terms of car repair, I suppose I’m getting off easy. But fuck, that could have paid for half of one IUI cycle. And that’s what my money is for after all, keeping my RE in a nice new car, while I drive a 1999 model that’s showing it’s age.

I am SO grouchy. I cannot really explain why. The car thing did not help, but it’s not the cause. I am feeling so sure, again, that this did not work. Unless somehow I missed the fine print where it says bitchiness is an early pregnancy symptom. I think I’m having PMS. Beta is Tuesday. I am 10dpiui and I don’t plan to POAS. But the weekend may do in my resolve. Who knows.

About the private blog: I can’t seem to get it together. I’ve scrapped the first attempt, started from scratch with another. I’m still messing with the template. I may never go private at this rate. My heart is just not in blogging right now. I read (too many probably), I comment maybe 50% of the time. But it’s so hard to cheer everyone on when I feel so cheerless.

I hope this bitchy stage passes soon, unless it means I am pregnant. I should be so lucky.


22 Responses to “Is bitchiness an early pregnancy symptom?”

  1. serenity Says:


    I hate snarky days… I feel so drained and cheerless. Sucks sucks sucks.


    Hope tomorrow feels a little less empty.

  2. Heather Says:

    I’m being bitch with you! I hope you feel better soon, Beagle. I hope it is a symptom of something wonderful.

  3. Margo Says:

    I have been bitchy too. I am so jealous of your Tuesday beta. I have to wait until Thursday. I suppose they want to give ample time for AF to rain on my parade. Good for you on holding off on the pee sticks though. I have been a slave to them this week, and not one has had good news. Damn it anyway. I hope that tomorrow is better for you, and that we both have wonderful news at the end of next week. Sending you a big hug.

  4. Thalya Says:

    I think most people seem to have SAD around now. Massively complicated by infertility. I’m sorry it’s such a bad time, wish there was something I could do. I could sponsor a lightbox session?

  5. Carol Says:

    Yeah, I know how you feel. The bitchy-ness hasn’t hit me yet, but I’m sure it will. It’s the hormones, and the stress of the 2ww.

  6. Teendoc Says:

    You might want to switch to WordPress like I did so that you have the option of password protecting your posts. That way you don’t have to go totally private.

  7. Lut C. Says:

    Some days it’s all just too much.

  8. Kristi Says:

    I’ve been having a bitchy week myself. I hope this weekend is better for you, but it will probably be stressful for you too. Thinking of you…

  9. grifton66 Says:

    Must be the time of year. Rampant bitchiness afoot at my house too. Hang in there.

  10. Barely Sane Says:

    Big big hugs.

  11. Ellen K. Says:

    I’m sorry you’re feeling so down. I really, really hope this is indeed an early PG sign for you. ((hugs))

  12. My Reality Says:

    If bitchiness is an early sign of pregnancy, then I for sure am expecting – probably a whole litter of something, because I am the queen bitch right now.

    I hope the weekend passes quickly and Tuesday brings you good news.

  13. Baby Blues Says:

    I’m bitching with you too. As the 2ww end comes to an end, the angst is just building up. I do hope it’s an early pregnancy symtpom.

  14. Kath Says:

    Oh, Beagle, the season and car trouble and hope fatigue can make anyone bitchy, singly but especially in combination. I am so hoping that your feeling is wrong and you get the best kind of news soon.

  15. Bea Says:

    Would it be narky to say bitchiness certainly seems to be an early pregnancy symptom for some people?

    I hope your mood lifts tomorrow. Bigs hugs in meantime.


  16. Robin Says:

    Bitch on baby!!! That is why we are here!!! I can relate to all of it and want you to know that no matter what I am here to listen and give support!

  17. Alli Says:

    The bitchiness is ABSOLUTELY a PG symptom for me. And it’s not fun for the rest of those around me but they can stick it. LOL. Hope you are feeling better soon (or not, and that it’s a PG symptom for you, too!).

  18. Starfish Says:

    The bitchiness is just a result of hormones and anxiety, plain and simple. Don’t stress out about it too much – just go have some chocolate. I remember these days and I know it sucks. Hang in there.

  19. soralis Says:

    So sorry you are feeling bitchy… sending a big hug your way.

  20. katty Says:

    Sorry about your mood… and here is hoping that 2007 brings you joy….

  21. Hopeful Mother Says:

    I somehow missed this post originally, but wanted to share in your bitch sessions about the car problems. UGH! That bites.

  22. Hopeful Mother Says:

    p.s. Isn’t today beta day? Wishing for unexpected good news!!!

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