Oh, Opr@h!

First, I guess I should give her credit for featuring the struggle of infertility in way that was realistic overall, more so than most media renditions anyway. But O, why did you have to go and taint it by traumatizing poor Jenn** by mentioning that ever popular assvice idea that people get pg as soon as they adopt?! Really, I expect that sort of thing from my dental hygienist, but not from you O, you have a whole team of fact checkers who ought to have set you straight on that all-irritating myth! Luckily Jenn** did a good job of setting you straight, though in my opinion she was too nice about it.

**There really seems to be a lot of infertile Jennifers! Was it anyone we know??


9 Responses to “Oh, Opr@h!”

  1. Suzanne Says:

    I thought it was worse that immediately after she featured a woman who just “decided to have another baby and be a stay at home mom.” Thanks for highlighting again that it’s sooo easy for some people to just decide to have a baby then *poof* do it.

  2. DD Says:

    I don’t watch Oprah, but I read the piece. What the hell with the IVF being expensive and “often painful”. That’s how they chose to describe IVF? They definitely underplayed the significance of her situation.

  3. Beagle Says:

    Funny thing is, I just got home, turned on the TV for background noise, and this came on and I got sucked in of course as soon as I heard the topic. I didn’t see the segments before and I didn’t stay to watch the one after either. (Thank goodness! Like I want to see another super fertile chick on TV)

    Dr. Phil would have given a worse presentation of infertility (read sleezy) but might have offered the couple a free IVF and some couseling. Maybe I’ll call him.

  4. Hopeful Mother Says:

    Thanks for the heads-up on this… since I’m 3 hrs. behind you, I just set my Tivo to tape this…

  5. My Reality Says:

    If Opr@h can’t the infertilty facts straight, how will the rest of the fertile world ever get it?

  6. Bea Says:

    Ah, they won’t, really. But we all know this by now.


  7. aah0424 Says:

    I was disappointed by the show. I thought the guest was great, but they just skimmed the topic. They gave more time to the mother of 8 who obviously got knocked up as a teenager considering her oldest was almost 20 and she was 37.

    You can be rest assured that I wrote to dear ol’ Oprah. We’re doing this letter writing campaign and she was on it although we had heard she doesn’t like to do shows on IF. I hope she gets swamped with tons of letters by us and her staff can convince her that there is enough need to do an entire show on the different types of struggles and options out there. Come on with 1 in 8 or 10 couples battling IF there has got to be a few on her staff!

  8. Beagle Says:

    I’m curious, does anyone know why “she doesn’t like to do shows on infertility?”

    She seems to be behind most other women’s issues, why not this one?

    It’s really annoying that the only media coverage infertility gets is the extreme or sensational stuff.

  9. GLouise Says:

    I wish I had caught the show. My mom watched it, and said that the woman dealing with infertility was really sad. Maybe that part will at least help educate our friends about the emotional pain of infertility.

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