New Digs

Come on over!

Cats in the Cradle* is now in a functional state of being and I plan to mainly post there from this point on. I’ll keep this site up and running, and I’ll post any earth shattering news here, but for the day to day, please come on over!

*Blogger’s version of password protected does not require a password at all, it just requires an invite. The down side is that you need a google account of some sort to sign in (gmail, new blogger or the like) and the other downside is that it does not put out a feed, so the new site won’t show up on Bloglines, etc. To make up for this I’ll put out an e-mail notice of new posts.

I’ve sent out invites to all who asked. Several have not responded. If you’ve changed your mind, that’s OK, but if you wanted to follow along and the invite got lost in cyberspace just let me know, I’m not trying to exclude anyone. (All I need is your e-mail address. I would prefer that if you are a regular reader, but I don’t know you, (AKA a friendly lurker), please let me know your blog address as well.) My e-mail address is beagleblogger at gmail dot com.

So there we have it: project privacy is now complete. I know some of you believe that privacy is not the point of blogging and maybe you’re right, but I also know that several of you have been burned by the public aspect of this forum. Having considered both sides of the issue, I feel strongly that going private is the best choice for me.


One Response to “New Digs”

  1. Robin Says:

    Would love to keep reading if you want me too:) My e-mail is

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