What is everyone getting their sweetie for V-day??

I have no idea beyond the card I bought. And next week is our anniversary! Help!


10 Responses to “SOS”

  1. Carol Says:

    nothing. we don’t really get into v-day. I kind of think of it as a day for people who don’t have romance the rest of the year. We have romance every day. (awwwww, sweet). I know, sappy. But J and I try to avoid the ‘hallmark holidays’ and appreciate each other all year round.

  2. Bea Says:

    Uh, damn I came over to say much the same thing. We have one or two “random gifts” a year instead – get something when we see something right. I was going to suggest wheedling out of it in this manner.

    Have you ever got him flowers? Apparently guys like to get flowers more than you might expect. I know it’s a cliche, but it’s Valentine’s Day. It’s all about the cliche.


  3. DD Says:

    We just exchange cards. Sometimes we even forget to do that. Gee, I guess I’m not much help.

  4. Lindy Says:

    Yep, just a card and a box of chocolates for us to share. I bought myself some flowers to put on the table for dinner. Oh, and I repaired our bed yesterday since we BROKE it! Sadly, it wasn’t broken doing anything fun.

    As for anniversaries, H. and I started a tradition a while back of buying something together for the house for each anniversary (like a nice clock or picture frame or mirror or whatever). He was picking out some pretty funky stuff for me and I don’t care for jewelry, so this has been a nice tradition for us.

  5. Starfish Says:

    I went to Sephora and bought some men’s skin care products for him – he’s kind of into that stuff, and spending a little more than he would usually is a nice treat. The “Anthony” product line is his favorite.

  6. Nina Says:

    I got him “Lonely Planet Blue List, The Best in Travel 2007”. We are fucking infertile, ergo traveling somewhere far far away, totally unsuitable for children. We are thinking India, South Africa, Zimbabwe or Chile….but we might even make it China or Morrocco…we’ll see.

    I also got him sexy new undies for me 😀

    Lot’s of Valentines Day smootches to you!

    PS: I normally HATE VAlentines Day, it’s a holiday created to increas consumerinsm…give him a hig kiss and write a card, that’s a nice present I think.

  7. Baby Blues Says:

    Just save the gift for your anniversary.

    I got him a guitar for Vday. He’s been wanting to get one so I just had to find an occasion.

    I agree with Bea, men surprisingly like being given flowers.

  8. Carol Says:

    For the aniversary – we also usually have a tradition of buying something together – either something for the house, or a weekend away, etc. We don’t buy each other gifts. And we usually go out for a nice dinner.

  9. Lut C. Says:

    It was Valentine’s day?

  10. Beagle Says:

    I baked him brownies decorated with hearts. How sweet.

    I got roses and earrings.

    We spent the evenign clearing snow and were too tired for romance after that (we have a long drive and private road that the city does not clear).

    Ah well . . . .

    I loved the suggestions for anniversaries about buying something for the house.

    I agree that the hallmark holidays are overrated. Making every day as special as you can is a much better way to go!

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