Life *should* not be a struggle

I’m going to start writing “Dear Opr@h” letters. (Letters of complaint, that is.)


3 Responses to “Life *should* not be a struggle”

  1. Anonymous Says:

    Beagle, I would love to be invited to read your blog… I’m not doing anything IF related at this point, but I enjoy checkin up on you. my email is

  2. Kellie Says:


    I too would like to be invited to read your new blog. I’m a long time lurker, some time commenter.


  3. Esther Says:

    On the Oprah “The Secret”….

    I wrote about that today on my blog. I think I need to buy the book to get the whole gist. Personally we were victims of crime last year, terrible heinous crimes. I sort of cringed when Oprah was saying to forgive we have to be able to say we were thankful for that sort of thing. Is she thankful she was raped repeatedly? Yikes! So I hear what you are saying.

    For me, we got to the place about being crime victims where we are thankful we have gotten to the place we have gotten, and moved on. We are able to forage a new path to seek our goals.

    It’s horrible to be victims. It’s now up to me & my husband to be grateful for anything we can draw from that surrounding experience (even if we have to dig deep to find it). That is how we move on. We are dealing with the crime with the authorities and that’s what we have to do to not roll over and be victims all over again. Does that make sense? I really felt for you as I read your whole post the other day in regards to your post & adoption.
    Personally my husband and I have been victimized, and we just have to work around it being thankful for what we can be along the way. We take it one day at a time. We are grateful for what we have and are open to new avenues to add to our family. Please feel free to write me at my blog ;o)

    I really must buy that book and see if I misunderstood that whole logic or not.

    Best wishes & take care.

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