On: Transitioning from Infertile TTC’er to Hopeful Adoptive Parent

I’ve been wanting to say more about the transition. About knowing when you’re ready. About knowing whether adoption is right for you, right for your family, etc.

In trying to get my own grip on the issues, I went blog surfing. I was looking for others who were in the same place of transition or had already passed through it. In doing so, I stumbled across one of those scuffles that occasionally arises in blogland. It really rattled me. I mean really, “I can hardly think straight”, kind of rattled me. It really disappointed me that instead of support, a whole bunch of judgement was being thrown around. Oh, and of course the infamous anon type commenters threw some fuel on the fire as well. Well a couple of days have passed and I still can’t find the right words to express how I feel about it all.

Then today, on a blog I recently found, by a woman who’s views I respect, was a post that said it better than I could anyway. So go read her post. Because the best I can come up with on the topic right now is “yeah . . . what she said.”

Thanks Omegamom.


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