Traveling Book Update

Reader # 5 was Heather at Big P & Me. As fate would have it, it arrived in her mailbox at a time when she really needed the distraction. Please go give her some love. She zipped through the book in one night and now our traveling book is getting ready to take a rather long journey to see Baby Blues over in the Philippines!!


10 Responses to “Traveling Book Update”

  1. Bea Says:



  2. steph Says:

    I must be retarded or something, but I can’t seem to get my ‘hello, invite me over to the new private pages’ e-mail to go through!! Not sure what info you need exactly, but my e-mail is
    I think it’s the same for the newly created google e-mail.
    Need anything else let me know but I would like to be able to see how/what you’re up to!!

  3. Baby Blues Says:

    I can’t wait for it to head our way!

    We’ve decided to get Tertia’s book So Close travelling in our side of the globe too. Mands is sending it from S. Africa and when I’m done with it, I’ll send it over to Bea. Hopefully we could get it travelling there too.

    Thanks for the update.

  4. Watson Says:

    Hi there!

    I think I’m next on the list, My Reality said she would send me the book.

    Am I just supposed to read it and then forward it to someone else on the list?

    I’m not too clear on the details!!


  5. My Reality Says:

    I am glad it finally made it to Watson.

    I now know what happened with the book and why it was delivered to me for a second time. The post office lost the customs slip. When I went back in, they had noted that they lost the customs slip, so decided to return the book to me. I filled out a new slip and sent it on its way.

    I am glad it made it to her. I guess it just adds more adventure to the book’s life. It was held hostage in a post office for a few weeks because the proper documentation had gone missing.

  6. Baby Blues Says:

    It’s coming! It’s coming! Thanks Heather. Thanks Beagle. Sit tight Bea, you’re next. 😉 It’s going to be a long travel from Arkansas.

  7. ak1908 Says:

    How do I become part of the traveling book club? It sounds so interesting and exciting!!!

  8. hopeful to hateful in 28 days Says:

    I’d never heard of this book. Upon reading the title I immediately purchased it online! I can’t wait to read.

  9. Laura Says:

    Congratualations on your decision to adopt. I just found your blog via Trace and your yummo bean salad recipe.
    I look forward to following your story!

  10. Sarah Says:

    Traveling book club…that is great!

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